Believe In Life
by: Scott F Paradis

What do you believe in? Do you believe in destiny? Do you believe in the system? Do you believe in yourself? In life after death? In God? We typically think of the word belief as an opinion or conviction about something – an existence not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof. The truth, however, is that your beliefs shape what you experience in this reality. What you believe matters.

The origin of the word “belief” offers a telling verse. Belief is a compound word with parts synonymous to: “be” – “by” and “lief” – “live.” Taken together, the meaning of something we “believe in” is something we “live by”. This etymology sheds light on the age old debate between the advocates of faith as a means to salvation and those that assert works are key to a full and fulfilling life. The word belief means that acts and faith are inextricably linked. What you do, the actions you take are in accordance with your beliefs. The proof of your faith is in your works – the truth of your words is in your deeds.

Relying on this meaning of the word suggests “beliefs” determine a worldview inextricably linked to how you live. Rational explanations (or intellectual fabrications) notwithstanding, beliefs organize your life. You do what you believe.

So, again: What do you really believe?

You can determine this only by observing how you live, how you respond to others, how you respond to the world around you, and what you in fact do.

Honestly making this assessment: Do you like what you see? Is it time to change?

By nature we are a nostalgic breed. It may be the distance of time, but it seems the only thing people prefer to the way things are, is the way things were. We seek security in the past and attempt to prolong the glory of prior triumphs. We resist change. But life doesn’t work that way. You see, life is on the move, life is constant change. You are on a journey from where you are to where you are meant to be.

Instead, of reminiscing or pining for the past, begin where you are now. Though you may temporarily succumb to doubt and fear, or mistakenly take a path of least resistance, recognize progress in this reality entails struggle and involves risk. It is time to act; it is time to change beliefs, to be what you really are, to become whole.

The purpose of life is to grow and expand. Sometimes, you might say often, the prospects of growth, with their attendant trials and tribulations, are uncomfortable and at times painful. The thing about life though is – you cannot get from the start to the end without going through the middle. So if you aspire to grow, if you aspire to learn, if you aspire to be and become – aspire to life. Believe in life and you will act accordingly.


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