An astral experience

By Dimi

An experience in the astral

A little while ago, I found myself in the astral, but the simplicity of that experience is what struck me. It left me with such a deep impression of that moment in time. Why that event? I don’t know, but it has been something I wanted to share with others. Perhaps because of its simplicity; perhaps because it had all the hallmarks of astral projection; perhaps because it was the result of a conscious effort to get there; nonetheless, this is what unfolded…

I had woken up at 4am to do an astral practice. I had planned to start the practice with the mantra “O” and to then prepare the body with relaxation and focused concentration on the heart beats. I even placed my right hand on my chest in line with my heart (something I had not done before now), so that I could feel the heart beats more intensely to start with. I remained in that position for the entire practice.

My body got heavier. I could no longer feel my feet or the weight of my legs. I remembered where I had positioned my hands and arms, yet I could no longer feel them. I also knew that it was most important to remain still and to continue hearing and focusing on the heart beats, which had become louder and more easily felt throughout my body, pulsating, radiating outwards, helping this sensation in my body to expand and make me forget the feeling of having a body.

Then I felt a different sensation take over, one of numbness. It was accompanied by a tingling sensation throughout the body. At this point, I noticed this subtle temptation to move, to break the stillness and the concentration. It also introduced a level of tension in my mind and in my body. It was a crucial point. It became even more necessary to relax and to remain focused, concentrated on the heart beats.

By concentrating on the heat beats, focusing my attention on the sensations of each beat pulsating, I found myself easing back into the experience, without a thought in my mind, without any physical tension in my body. I had managed to relax back into the astral practice with my body and mind.
I began to feel the sensations of numbness yet again. I remained focused. The numbness remained but also developed into a tingling sensation that came over my body, soon followed by a natural lightness, a weightlessness that felt familiar. I took note of all these sensations, these changes going on from within, without judgment or comment, without disturbing or disrupting the flow. I began to feel even lighter.

Then I heard this clicking noise as though something had unlocked itself or become separated, accompanied by a buzzing noise – like that of engines – in my ears. It got louder. It too was familiar. That’s when I felt myself start to float up, to separate from my physical body.
I kept floating upwards, looking at the white ceiling above me. I could sense the outline of all the other objects in my room, but kept my focus at the ceiling as I continued floating upwards and closer to it. The ceiling fan did not get in my way as I kept floating. I got so close that my nose nearly touched it!

Instinctively I knew that I would continue floating up and through the ceiling. At that point, I decided to turn around, to do 180 degrees turn and face my bed. I knew I would see myself lying there, my body sleeping. In that instant, I found myself turning and facing downwards. Sure enough, there I was, lying in my bed, my physical body sleeping, resting. I wondered if this was real. I then found myself looking closer at the detail of my body laying there, my legs, the bed sheet, and my head and…my arm over my chest at the position of the heart!! I felt a smile come over from within. The confirmation of the realness of this experience was most welcomed.

I quickly felt myself float down much faster than floating up and enter my body almost like a flash. There I was, eyes opening up, awake in my body and… with my hand over my chest at the position of the heart. I stayed in that position for a while, letting the significance of what had happened sink in and so as not to forget the details of the experience.

Brisbane, Australia


“Seventh Journey” A Book Series About Astral Projection Experiences

Jacob Cross is a scientist that creates a technology that instantly allows him to achieve instant Astral Projection, along with telepathy, remote viewing, and other paranormal powers.  The series borrows from researched real life astral project experiences, and paints a vivid description of other dimensions.

Before fully understanding what Jacob had achieved, the technology was stolen and misused, accidentally releasing a demonic and destructive force called “Luzige.”  Now Jacob must come to terms with what he’s become, and use the technology to stop Luzige before it’s too late.

Seventh Journey Book I, revolves around Jacob’s initial Astral Projections, and Lucid Dreams.  It also introduces the antagonist, Edward Aidan, a ruthless leader within the Netex Corporation, who financed all of Jacob’s research.  Aidan also begins to use the technology Jacob invented, and begins having several astral experiences of his own, although much more negative in nature.

Book I has received great feedback from readers, and critics alike, winning an Editor’s choice award from iUniverse, a subsidiary of Penguin books.  Seventh Journey was also featured in a Readers Choice feature for Science Fiction and Fantasy novels.

Book II focuses on a different timeline, based on the same characters and events which unfolded for Jacob Cross in Book I.  Book II moves forward into the future, and explores a dimension already ravaged by Luzige.  This is where the series really focuses on exploring several aspects of Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, Energy work, and other psychic phenomenon.  Here Jacob’s journey comes to a critical point in the story, forcing him deeper into the Astral dimension.

If you’re interested in Astral Projection, and the vivid experiences and concepts which have been brought back, then you might be interested in picking up a copy.


Robert JR Graham

Author of “Seventh Journey”

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