Technology giant IBM has once again contributed to the latest technological advances by releasing developments in the field. These developments are called Five for Five, and they are expected to shape the coming era of technology significantly. The advancements are aimed towards improving the general livelihoods of human beings.


This is primarily through improvement of prediction of future occurrences in sensitive fields such as world water levels. The technological advances will also positively impact the order management of companies to a great extent. It is something that every technology enthusiast should be looking forwards towards as it will be a real game changer.


The following are some of the expected technology breakthroughs that are set to be rolled out in the coming years:


  1. AI Powered Robot Microscopes

Nothing is more sensitive to any individual than a water issue. This is because it would be almost impossible to survive without water. However, there is an expected danger concerning the world water issue. In the coming years, the world’s water levels are expected to drop significantly. IBM has put concerted efforts in helping researchers to have a more detailed approach to the world’s water issue. They have created autonomous robotic cameras that can provide detailed data about the situation in our oceans. The cameras are applying the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


The company’s Vice President, Mr. Jeff Wesler is delighted to be associated with the innovative development that is expected to be very helpful in explaining in details about the water issue. The cameras will also detect the microorganisms that are present in water.


The company intends to make the devices as easy as possible to use. In this respect, they have made them with the ability to stay for an extended period on a low power supply. This will enable their use even in places where there is a limited supply of power such as in the middle of a lake. Scientists will be the most significant beneficiaries of this development as it will directly impact their ability to give a detailed explanation of the microorganisms that live in water.


  1. Crypto-Anchors and Block Chains

We all like to buy the original product rather than it’s counterfeit. IBM have developed crypto-anchors and blockchains to help in minimizing the number of counterfeits in the market. This innovation has been rolled out following the revelation that over $600 billion is lost every year as a result of counterfeiting. When this new technology is launched, the food situation, as well as other markets that have been significantly affected by knockoffs, will improve.


In the business world, goods are always at the risk of being tampered with as they pass through numerous hands from the producer to the final consumer. IBM’s has used blockchain technology to develop a tamper-proof link that detects similarities between the physical good and the one in the records. This way, it would be impossible to replace the original product with a replica since the QR codes will be different. It would now be possible for the final consumer to know whether the product is the same as the one that he/she ordered.


  1. Lattice Cryptography

Hacking has proved to be a dominant issue in this technology-dominated era. Data is no longer safe from malicious individuals who are out to undo the immense hard work of people. This calls for a change in tactic in curbing hackers who have become more prevalent in this era of quantum computers than ever. IBM intends to use lattices in creating a sophisticated data security program that will be difficult for hackers to crack.


In lattice technology, data is encoded using high dimensional algebraic systems that are not easy to navigate for hackers. Additionally, the technology will enable the computer users to use Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). This feature enables one to use data while it is still encrypted. This will be an upgrade to the conventional system that only allows data use after decryption making it prone to access by hackers.


These technological developments will improve the IT sector to a large degree. These outstanding innovations will also directly or indirectly impact the lives of people. Other developments are also set to be launched by IBM. They include unbiased AI and Quantum Computing.


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