Imagination is like your seventh sense. With your imagination you can see matters beyond the present and places you want to visit. With imagination you can find destinations of your future. You can create fantasies with your imagination. Imagination is the most vivid in the reality of your dreams. Imagination is the index of your future destinations. It can show you what exists there for you to conquer for yourself.

The power of your imagination is in the ability to open unexplored realms of existence with the power of your own thoughts. To apply it, you can conduct the content of your imagination to the passing of moments and to the emergence of new ones. It is in conducting new moments into existence by influencing the casualties that cause the emergence of the future in consequence of the present actions. And so, you can use your imagination to guide your actions in a level that is outside the immediate presentations of the reality.

Your life is information driven, namely by your own thoughts. That how your life unravels is founded on what thoughts are founded on. Brains. That how your brains function is how your life will unravel. This includes the emerging future realities produced by the mass mind. And in this kind of realisdacsty where the future is constantly unfolding and where you are never the same, every step is a step to the unknown. By using your imagination, you are able to tap yourself into a reality that is rich in content, imaginative in all its ways.

The life you are about to live is not written in stone. If you do not use your imagination and instead choose to not to do that what you have seen with your imagination, “not doing” will occupy your life. There are but passing of moments, and to go between future destinations is to guide the actions with thought. And with thoughts, lit by your own imagination, you are able to produce patterns which lead to the desired forms and experiences in the unfolding future of your life.

The principles of the unfolding future are the based on cause and effect which in consequence produce the future. Therefore by mastering thought and knowledge, you are able to travel between experiences as if you were traveling from place to place. In this, imagination is like your seventh sense. You are able to see approximations of the futures you want to find yourself from.

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