Being vegan is getting easier by the day, as more and more people give begin to realize the benefits of not eating animal products in their lives. Whether you live in the country or the city, there are ways to adopt this lifestyle that doesn’t mean countless hours poring over ingredient lists or eating the same boring menu of soy day in and day out. As you continue to grow through your vegan experience, you’ll find many services that cater to your lifestyle and help you to enjoy your life more.


5 Steps to Take On Your Vegan Journey


As a vegan, it’s not just about your dietary choices, although it certainly is a main part of a vegan lifestyle. You will probably also want to use cruelty-free products by avoiding leather or non-vegan beauty products. Your lifestyle doesn’t have to constrict the number of choices you have, though, as there is a huge marketplace catering to vegans just like you. Here are five different ways to upgrade your vegan lifestyle and take it to the next level.


  1. Get in Touch With Nature-


If you live in a city, you may opt to shop in supermarkets with lots of vegan choices. However, you can upgrade this choice by learning how to eat with produce that is in season that is offered at local farmer’s market instead. It’s not only far more healthy for you, but it makes you get back in touch with the natural rhythm of life. If you really want to ramp it up, try growing some of your own produce, whether it is carrots in a pot by the door or lettuce in an apartment windowsill.


  1. Subscribe to a Vegan Beauty Box –


Why spend time pouring over the ingredients in makeups and shampoos, when you can have someone else do it for you? The Vegan Cuts Beauty Box is a subscription beauty club that will send you a 4 to 7 new products every month starting at a small fee of $18.50 per month. If you like to order some of your own more regularly, you can check out their lines of standard vegan products that are discounted 50 to 75% off too.


  1. Locate a Vegan Lover –


Dating can be tricky when you’re vegan. Wouldn’t it be nice if you both were vegan instead? While you may not find someone totally vegan, it can be easier to date a vegetarian than a meat-eater on one of these three sites:,, and Now, you don’t have to fight about where to eat on your first dinner date.


  1. Explore the World from a Vegan Point of View –


When you travel, it can be harder to locate vegan fare and activities that dovetail with your chosen lifestyle without someone there to guide you along the way. Social media sites like Facebook can be one way to ask your friends for advice when you’re on the road. However, there is another social media site called Vegan Travel that connects vegans all around the world and offers you a ready-made vegan tour guide in places you’ve never visited before.


  1. Become a Vegan Chef – has a list of 11 services that provides vegan food delivery right to your door to help you create lean meals. They will shop for the ingredients for you and some will offer meal planning so that you can learn new recipes to make at home. In this way, you can upgrade your cooking skills and take out the fuss of grocery shopping at the same time.


Veganism: A Healthy, Happy, Choice


Veganism can help you learn more about nature, and provide you with sane and pleasant vacation choices. When you adopt a vegan lifestyle, it can touch all aspects of your life from your intimate relationships to what you put on and in your body. It is also a springboard for exploring your world in a more ethical manner, even as it adds joy and excitement to your life.

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