Self Improvement As A Conscious Energy Process
by: Terry Swejkoski

Self improvement is a lifelong natural energy process, which we all seem to pursue at times from an elevated conscious level, especially when we are actively pursuing some type of change. It’s at these times, when we are purposely anchored into self improvement action that we are the most conscious of the expansion in our human demeanor. However, what most people do not realize is they are usually pursuing some form of self improvement from an unconscious level, too. To be moving forward in life is a natural state of being human and is in alignment with the natural life plan energy process.

The conscious reasons for self improvement are many; take for example, someone has experienced some form of hardship. Let’s say a person lost their job when a large corporation decides to move the employee‘s job elsewhere, at a cheaper labor rate, because the company wants to maximize profits. It really doesn’t matter to the corporation board of directors what the ripple affect is when the job is moved; they are only focused at a conscious level on a spreadsheet or profits. Whereas, for the employee the impact is dramatic, and in some cases completely incomprehensible that they are being treated in this manner simply due to profit margins.

Now that the person is unemployed, the natural progression is to reevaluate, at a more conscious level, which skill sets may require improvements to make them more marketable in their search for a new job. At this point, self improvement is an active pursuit in the energy process to enhance ones perceived worth, again at the conscious level, in the eyes of a future employer. It’s not that the person is any less than they were before losing the job, rather it’s they may feel self improvement will enhance their chances for employment in the energy process of life.

On the surface, loosing a job can be emotionally traumatic, but in the long run it may be a perfect reason, at a conscious level, for pursuing the self improvement phase of ones energy process in life. Therefore, a person has to make a choice to look at this new development in their life energy process in one of two ways. They can perceive it as being having been victimized by the corporation, or they can accept the fact that the self improvement they are now pursuing at a conscious level is actually a blessing in the long run.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing when we are moved forward due to a life changing situation that is out of our control. It may simply be part of the life plan that has lacked conscious clarity, but is now in the forefront of our attention. This is why it’s important to look at life as an energy process; one in a constant state of change. By accepting what comes our way and moving with the flow in the energy process of life itself we make self improvements along the way.

Therefore, in the example the person either increases or decreases their energy vibration simply by the way they perceive their situation in the energy process of life. If they view this experience with conscious clarity they will move forward instead of wallowing in defeat.

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