By Vickie E Smith

With the unemployment current rate INCREASING, open your eyes to the power within “You” that is INCREASING. There are many people who have always relied on others, always relied on jobs, always relied on the government for their future and their security. But, today in our economy, where are the people you could go to for income? Where are the Jobs? Where is the government? Those people, who were once there to provide the money, are now looking for a Plan B for themselves. The unemployment current rate situation has given people two (2) choices…



1. Cry about what you don’t have, what you want, and your unemployment check or severance package is about to run out

… or

2. Take this opportunity and write down your talents, your gifts, looking inside of yourself to see what makes you unique. You can be a gift to others and create your own wealth. Creating your Wealth creates a mindset so that a rug may no longer be pulled from under you. Creating a mindset of power, creativity; gifts that put you in the Driver’s seat.

College Education vs Unemployment

The People, the Jobs, the Government, the Power of Life, is within “You”. You have been given the gift of creativity from birth. I am hearing some parents express how education is not important anymore. I hear some parents say that College, for their children, is not important anymore. What are they saying? What are parents creating? A society of uneducated broke young adults?



Education is more important today. These young adults are lost. They should be given a direction in creating a future. Lead them to the life of self-dependence. Young Adults need to be directed to always have a Plan B Plan C and Plan D. Having a strong mindset will protect you from the unemployment line. A strong Plan B can become your Plan A; if need be. Young adults need to be taught to always have a foundation that they have created. They need to be shown the Power within themselves of creativity.

When these young adults are in College, they should be getting their experience while they are in school. They should go to schools that will give them the opportunity to Network with people in their field of study. Networking must be shown to young adults at a very young age.

Networking is the key to success. Why is it that children from other countries are taught, from the beginning of time, to Focus on learning and creating… Learning and Creating… Learning and Creating. But, I see too many young adults, in our Country learning how to follow. They have something that the baby boomers do not… YOUTH. They have a chance, no matter how the economy is.

They have the power to Create and make a difference. Instead of talking about how the economy is, talk about the Power within you that can make a change and then; Do It!

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