Let Your Inner Beauty Shine Through
by: Maria Palma

Looks are nothing without spirit”

That is the tag line for a perfume by Antonio Banderas. It’s true that looks are nothing without your inner spirit shining through. It’s your essence and your personality that makes you beautiful – not the clothes or makeup that you wear.

Many of us envy other women who we perceive as being “perfect”. They have the perfect nose, the flawless face….they get to wear all the finest clothing. Little do we know that some of these women are total witches who care about nothing and nobody but themselves. It’s almost a waste of outer beauty, ya think?

So, you’re probably wondering, Well, how do I get to have this inner beauty?

Here’s are a few tips to discovering your inner beauty…

* Stay true to yourself. What I mean by this in terms of fashion and beauty is that you wear clothing and makeup that you like and feel comfortable with – not what a magazine tells you to wear. Just because Lindsay Lohan wears Chanel doesn’t mean that you have to.

* Smile and be happy. This may take a bit of work on your part – especially if you are depressed or angry inside. Make an effort to say positive affirmations to yourself in the morning after you wake up. We are all meant to be happy! Surround yourself with positive people and they’re energy will start to rub off on you…

* Be confident. All of us have our own insecurities. Maybe we think that we’re just not as pretty as so and so or maybe we feel that people will make fun of what we’re wearing. When you stand up tall and feel comfortable in your own skin – that’s what people really pay attention to. People are attracted to people who have confidence in themselves and don’t worry about what other people think.


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