by: Kevin Sheldrake

The most common dreams, according to surveys by are dreams of falling, flying, being naked, and of your teeth falling out. Close runners up include dreams of flying, and of exams.

Strangely, these dream themes are fairly consistent across all cultures, and may well reflect a deeper facet of the human condition than we would ordinarily suppose. Lets look a little closer at the interpretation of these dreams, starting with the common dream of falling.

The basic interpretation draws your attention to the possibility that you may have insecurities or general anxieties. Often, this dream is your subconscious telling you that it is not happy with the level of control you appear to exercise in your life, especially work or relationships – wise. The feeling of falling reminds you that once a fall begins, the ultimate destination is the ground (although contrary to popular legend, you will NOT die if you hit the ground while asleep!).

Often reflecting an internal feeling of failure, either at work, school or in love, falling dreams according to Freud indicate your desire to give in to a sexual urge of some kind.

Dream girl
Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Next, let’s look at dreams of losing your clothes in public. The situation usually starts out normally, and may seem very ‘real’ – you may be going about your day to day business working for when you suddenly realise you are naked. Oops! the obvious interpretation is that in your real life, you are hiding something, or are ashamed of something, and are internally terrified of the secret being exposed. Clothes hide a multitude of sins and other problems, so the removal of them is quite significant. Naked, one is defenceless. and facing up to the need to take action to address a problem you are currently hiding is the first step in dealing with this dream.

A secondary interpretation of dream nudity is that it represents the fear of being unprepared for something – a work task, school, financial demands and so on. If no one else in your dream has noticed, then a further interpretation becomes possible – your fears may be unfounded, and your subconscious is trying to tell you just to ‘get on with it’ and stop worrying.

We will continue this series with dreams of being chased and flying at next time.

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