Daforce, congrats on releasing your hot new club track “Go Go Go!” What inspired this single?

Was chillin with my boy at this club and we saw homeboys leaning gainst the wall checking the chicks out and the chicks was running back and forth getting their drink on. Thats that it.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

AttachmentI go by the name Daforce and many call me Daforce dawg I am a producer/rapper, songwriter. Been doing all that for a few years and having a great time with that, especially with the instruments over the years. Worked behind the scenes for years , worked a bit on movie sets also m

et great people that I’m still in contact with which is always a blessing.

You’ve spent a ton of time in the music industry, what drives your passion?

It’s been a love and hate relationship from the start a very interesting business I could say. But what drives me is knowing that people enjoy my music and would like to hear more and have become very interested my progress and growth through the process.

What was it like teaming up with recording artist Crysto?

It’s great because as a producer you like hear other voices on your track other than your own, as for Crysto he’s great and fans really love him and what he brings to our projects.

2ntitledHow is it working with label Unknownsourcemusic.com and other artists?

It’s really cool cuz theirs no ego’s maybe a few beefs and stylish differences but over all it’s all good, I have a big say in what I do and how I want to be marketed I feel I deserve that space I’ve paid those dues.

What’s the next hot track we should look out for, and where can we get it?

We have a few hot tracks that will be dropping real soon ” Big League” (mixtape), ” Go Go Go” (EP) both having some great features. And a project we are working on with singer Curtis Dayne. You will be able to find it anywhere you find online and offline music.

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