Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
3DBook7aI am California native, born and raised in Silicon Valley. I graduated from San Jose State University, then did a year of graduate work before quitting to take a position with the City of San Jose. I married, then about three years later, we divorced. Looking for a change of scenery, I took a job with a local electronics firm, After training on their products, I was moved to Seattle. For the next year, I travelled throughout Washinton, Oregan, and Alaska. A promotion moved me back to San Jose, and had me travelling extensively throughout the US, for the next few year.

This firm later had me working in Asia, and Europe, Sweden was not much fun in February. Five timmes I travelled to China, working in various parts of that country. The next few year had me working with a startup in Northern
Virginia, which failed, causing me to take a position in Southern California, after a short time the company was sold, taking with it my job. It was hard to find work in my fifties, so I moved North. I now live in the mountain home that my Parents built. I worked as a Realtor, until business got very bad, then I retired. I began to write, only after living in this small mountain community for a while. I found that the old gold mines, and rough characters of the region inspired my writing.

Your novel “Redemption for a lonely man” seems ripe for the silver screen. What inspires an action packed story such at this?
3DBook3AAt first, I was just trying to tell a story. The plot was weak, the dialog poor, so I went on to write
other things. After a year plus, I when back to my first book. I reworked the plot, and the dialog, producing the book that has now been published. The old mines came from those logally, the Cartel
came from the headlines of the day. And yes, I did realize it’s potential for the movies.

The character, although a familiar choice for a hero being an Ex-Navy Seal, Bill Andrews has a deep past. Do we get to find out what happened to his wife?
Bill and his cousin Russ, do talk about her death by overdose, in Chapter Four. “Little Joyce could not wake Mommy.” Bill and his Daughter went on alone, after that.

I like the way Bill became resistant to the new love in his life, who seemed to mimic his lost love. Are these story plots seem very vivid, are they based on reality at all?
Silicon Valley is a magnet for young woman from all over. Jobs are plentiful, young men abound.
Many of these young lovlies have issues, emotional and mental. There are many stories stemming from
the relationships of these women, many of them are ugly.

Where did the settings and cartel connection come from?
The setting comes from the land between Redding, Alturas, Susanville, and Chico. Northern California is a place of great variety and contrast. Cartels are in the news, Mexico and the border
area are a wash in their activities.

Is this a series, or are you wrapping up Bill’s adventures with this book?
Good reviews have caused me to think about a sequel. I have started kicking around some ideas, and characters. A Sequel is not easy, but I see possibilities.

You’ve been getting great reviews so far, do you have any book signings coming up?
My Publisher has schedule no book signings, as yet.

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