joseCan you tell us a bit about your background and what got you into music?

Growing up, I’ve always loved music. I was constantly listening to the radio, asking for CD’s/artist merchandise as gifts, and singing whenever I could. It’s just something I always caught myself doing. Before my music, I would sing the National Anthem at rodeos, and that lead to me being invited to sing at the National Steel Guitar Convention in St. Louis in 2010. From being heard on stage, I was then advised that I should try out the career.

You’ve experienced much success already with your chart topping hits, what’s that been like for you?

It has been very exciting. It is pretty crazy to think back on everything I have been able to do so far and all the things I have been able to accomplish. I definitely would not want to trade my music career for anything in the world.

You’re also an advocate of anti-bullying, and aside from that just being an awesome cause, do you have personal experience with this?

I have not been a victim of bullying myself but I have witnessed it. Every time I have seen it, I have always been that person to step in and say it needs to stop. I definitely do not let it happen if I see it.

cmt-top-100-82-1024x454And to top it all off, you’re also involved in Rodeo, and are a former champion, how did you get involved in that?

My dad did rodeo when he was younger so he is the one that got me into it. My parents and I used to always go trail riding when I was really young, so I pretty much grew up on a horse. Even when I was in diapers, my parents were carrying me along with them on a horse. On top of rodeo, I did rodeo pageants, too. I won several titles including Little Miss Rodeo Missouri 2004 and Jr. Miss Rodeo Missouri 2010. I was very involved. It was pretty much destined to be in my blood. :]

What’s next for you, are you focusing mainly on your music career, or finishing school?

Both. Right now, we are working on getting my next single out there. We’ve had a little bit of timing conflict on this one, so we’re just really trying to get it out. Besides that, we’re also working on an EP. We have every song for the EP, except for one, and my producer and I are hopefully going to be writing that song, so some song writing as well. Getting some dates lined up for this coming year is in the works and just really trying to take my career to the next step. It seems that we always have something new to do. On top of that, I am going to college so that is one more thing that has been added to the mix. So far, I love it. My schedule works out really well when it comes to my music because I do not have a whole bunch of classes in one day and definitely have a lot more free time.

Where can we find out more about your up coming events and music?

You can check me out on my website,, or you can also find me on Facebook (Josey Milner), Twitter (Josey_Milner), Instagram joseymilner), Youtube (Josey Milner), and also iTunes (search for Josey Milner).

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