Your book “Searching for Liz” touches on some very interesting topics, can you explain the premise of your short story?

I’ve long been fascinated with the idea that a sudden thought, an unexpected exchange, or a drive in another direction could change the course of your life as you know it.  “Searching for Liz” explores this notion.

clubYour other works are also doing well on, namely “The Women’s Club” and “New Beginnings.” How have fans reacted to your work and themes?

My fans have been wonderful! They like that all the stories are different; but still connect to “The Women’s Club” AND they’ve shared some of their own personal “situations”.

Your short story seems to delve into the confusion that some women feel towards other women. Have you always had a passion for sharing these kinds of stories?

Yes! I have always had the passion for writing stories, but wasn’t excited about sharing them.  It wasn’t until I shared them with my best friend that got me to open up.  As a surprise, he painted a lovely re-creation of a Matisse, ventured over to a Kinkos with my stories in hand and made a homemade book.  It was so beautiful that I placed it on my coffee table.  Whenever visitors came, they would pick it up and say, “Oh what a nice cover.” Once they started reading they wouldn’t make a sound. I guess that’s when the shock wore off.   I would see grins on their faces and if they noticed me watching, they would avert their eyes.  Interestingly, they never put it back down.  I would have company, but their attention was solely on my stories. Now, everyone can read my coffee table books!

beginingYour other books seem to take the reader through some very risqué social situations; do you enjoy bringing these types of stories to life?

I do.  But here’s the thing…the “social situations” I’ve created for my characters are not far off from real life. I believe we really don’t know our neighbor, co-worker, or good friend until they invite you into their world.  Everything isn’t always as it appears.

What’s next for you, and how many more books do you have in the works?”

The next story will be the start of a new edgy series called, “Six Forbidden Acts of Bella Mia.”  “The Women’s Club” series will continue.  The next story will re-visit Dominick.  If you’re a fan, you know her as Madam Passion.

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