“Forget the Pact” is an interesting short film, centred around a modern love triangle. As far as indie productions go, the film quality, acting, sound, and lighting were well above average. The script itself wasn’t able to setup the reason behind forming “The Pact” but makes up for it by showing the unexpected results of partaking in it. I might be a sucker for British accents, but the lines seemed very cleanly delivered. In just 10 minutes, there’s just enough time to get emotionally connected to “Frankie” the male lead, which sets us up nicely for a final twist.

This Indie Review gets an 8.5/10.

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailI got the opportunity to interview renowned Film Director & Entertainment Mogul Malcolm Benson.


What was your inspiration behind the way in which Forget The Pact was shot?

My inspiration was underpinned particularly by the pace in which the emotions were changing between the three main characters. I wanted the audience to be able to read between the lines but without making it so obvious what was about to happen. I was also inspired by the diversity of the entire characters and wanted to bring out the peculiar style of friendliness albeit the fact that each one of them has a dark side hence ready to take their chances at the earliest opportunity.

You got the opportunity to work with outstanding talent such as Mo George & Adi Alfa – how was this experience?

The experience was amazing. I have watched Mo on different productions especially Eastenders and has always been inspired by his talent. Working with him was fun and as an experienced artist, he asked me what I wanted and then improvise from different angles hence giving me more to choose from. If that doesn’t work, he was ready to listen and follow directions. He will always ask me if I’m happy with his performance. The same goes with Adi Alfa and Libra Soames-Wood who played Lee. They took the initiative to do a number of private rehearsals even during their tea breaks to come up with ideas and how best to set the scene on fire. Again always checking that I’m happy with their work and ever so ready to do as many retakes as required.


(Above: Malcom Benson to the right with the lead cast)

What can we expect from you in the future Malcolm? What other projects are you working on?

I have written a full length feature film in pre-production stage at the moment. This film will develop the short film Forget The Pact and I’m looking forward to bringing back some of the casts and introducing new ones. We are looking to go into principal photography in early September 2013 and hope to have some fun with it. This is being anchored by my TV show called Take 101 which is a show targeted at film makers from around the world. Take 101 focuses on informing up and coming producers, directors, actors how to avoid making mistakes in the independent film making process. The show will showcase the behind the scenes footage as we go through the entire process in such a way that the audience will hopefully become more familiar with how to get a concept to reality and an idea into motion picture. More information will be put on the website www.benalexmedia.com

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