Jemir, your background is as interesting as your fiction. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

51nAvVfnE5LJemir: I already did and the recounting of my history was epic in scale and scope. I can’t repeat it and you don’t remember it because I accidently shared my universal cure for the common cold before I could register the recipe for profit. So to backtrack I used one of those ‘Men In Black’ mind eraser things on everyone {laughter}. But the condensed, de-classified, story of me is: I was born and raised in Harlem, New York, have lived in different parts of Europe (a bloated way of saying Germany and Holland) for varying periods at different stages of life. I also speak more than one language if the person I’m saying that to lowers their standards and buys gibberish, flim-flam and girlified cries of agony at the slightest hint of pain as valid ‘languages’. Few ever do {laughter}.

Your latest work “Blind Corners” involves a mind reading female cop, and her con-man partner, what inspired your characters?

Jemir: I wanted to create something with a Spillane or Hamett vibe to it. In addition I took inspiration from Octavia Butler’s series of books from the ‘patternist’ saga (the indirect inspiration for the mind reading abilities displayed by the protagonist). Through Jay Nova  I wanted to fictionalize the tales (whether fact based or urban legend) of “fixer for the rich and famous” types like Anthony Pellicano and Fred Otash. They were Private Eyes who had a who’s who of celebrity clients from their respective eras that did whatever was needed, be it morally suspect or against the law, to make compromising situations disappear before they went public.  Blending that with the “grey area” morality of your ‘Sam Spade’ and ‘Ms Tree’ types inform a lot of what I draw on to build a character. That’s especially true for Jay Nova and Randy Michaels the Detective leads of my stories.

How does she reveal other powers – if any?

712kePm+xkLJemir: Well to say what her latent powers are (though I’ll spoil things a bit and share that they will be “mentally based”) might give away the arc I’m gradually working towards but let’s just say that if things play out right the way it happens (when it happens) will impress the audience. I’m just hoping they find ‘Blind Corners’ a worthwhile read in the meantime.

You’ve worked on several projects, can you name a few of your favourites?

Jemir:  I wrote an action-adventure comic book series called ‘Vigilance’ that I’m proud of. ‘Blind Corners’ is up there as well. As far as upcoming projects go: I’m writing a graphic novel set in Harlem, New York’s underworld circa the 30’s called Midnight Phantom I think people might like that I really enjoy.

You’re also working on a graphic novel series, that’s exciting! What’s that process like?

Jemir: Well I like to think that I’m a creator by nature, writer by choice, and disciple of visual presentation.  Generally I write a story of whatever page length in script form where I detail how many panels are drawn on a page, what happens in each panel from camera angle, character action and settings, as well as provide the dialogue said by each character. Once the script has been written, re-written and edited to everyone’s satisfaction it’s sent to the artist to draw before going to the letterer and then back to myself and the editors to size and format. It can be a mentally taxing process at times but it’s always fun and worth it to me.

Where can we find out more about your upcoming projects?

Jemir: @Creative Elament my twitter page, the Creative Elamentz Facebook fan page or through 1story blog


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