What is “The Fitness Game ” and what sets it apart from other programs?

fitnessgameThe Fitness Game is a program that turns your fitness into a game that becomes a way of life. Your fitness is embedded into your sub-conscious make it as second nature as breathing or eating. It is the only program that I know that focuses on the mind first, which is where the victory of your Fitness Game will come from. Where the mind goes the body will follow.

From your experience in the fitness industry for over 40 years, why do we all struggle so much to lose weight?

We struggle to lose fat not weight. That is the first problem we have the wrong concept of what our true enemy is. It is not weight but the excess fat we carry that is the real problem. Also most people don’t know what to do to fight the fat. There is so many programs and plans out there that say this is the right way to go. Really confusing when you don’t know what the right way is. Also we don’t have the right mind set. To master things in life we must move them from our conscious mind to our sub-conscious mind. That is where the work is really done.

So if you take a lack of knowledge plus having the wrong state of mind how can you even come close to being successful. That where our frustrations come in.

How are people responding to your program and what kind of results can we expect?

Spartan Gets The San Diego SU Cheerleaders Ready People that are doing my program are reach their goals and far beyond. For example I had one woman that came to me wanting to lose weight (Fat) and start running again. Not only did she lose 8 pants sizes, she started running extreme races like tough Mudders and Spartan Races and was sponsored by Nike. She is just one example of the successes our people have.

What you can expect is to go from frustrated to superhuman. you are not only going to win your Fitness Game but you are going to find that you are going to believe and succeed in other parts of your life as well.

How can we stay motivated towards our fitness goals using “TFG?”

Once you change your mindset and your fitness becomes a part of your subconscious, you become passionate about it. With passion you don’t have to give a lot of effort because your energy becomes high to do what you are passionate about. so motivation is never a problem. It becomes like breathing and you don’t need any motivation to breathe on a regular basis.

fitness gameHow does “The Fitness Game” replace a traditional one-on-one trainer? How can it compliment our existing workouts?

The Fitness Game is a stand alone program or it will totally enhance what ever exercise program you are doing. It will bring clarity to why you are doing what you are doing and boost your perceptions. It will let you see if your current program is inadequate for you. If your trainer is the one for you and you will know, it will help you get a closer working relationship with him or her. You will get more out of your situation.

Can you tell us about the “Spartan Elite Fitness” program?

The Spartan Elite Fitness Program is the exercise part of the Fitness Game. It has level for novice all the way to professional athletes. SEF combines many exercise disciplines, from body weight exercises to Psychometric to Kettlebell and more. It is also done in a unique way that stop you from ever plateauing. SEF is customized for each person to give you the optimal workout every time.

In your Mind and Body Transformation program, how are you incorporating Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).?

Each mental exercise I have you do are NLP exercises. They are made to grow your mental muscles. To remove the self doubt and limitations that we put on ourselves. We truly are our own worst enemies and these exercises are to change you into your best asset. Even goal setting is enhanced using NLP. I help you bring your goals alive. The reason we feature the mind is that everything starts and stops there. Your Fitness Game is either won or lost their. So I choose to help my people win their game.

Thanks for interviewing Tony, where can we get a copy of your book and check up on your latest developments?

It was a pleasure. My book The Fitness Game by Tony Ussery is on amazon as an ebook. My website is coachtu.wordpress.com. 619-792-0662

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