I 17fs picking the correct MLM a science? Everyone is going to think this multi-level marketing subject matter is old news. I mean it’s been written about over and over again. However, this article is not a simple checklist as it pertains to picking an MLM… I assure you.

If you take a step back with your entire thought process as it pertains to becoming a top 1% earner in any MLM, you will soon see why the Online Marketing Mastery Arts are critical to your business. Think Total Syndication Marketing for 2010 and Conquer the Internet.

With all of this information fresh in your mind, I ask the same question to you all once again. Is picking any MLM a science? Is choosing a multi-level marketing home business opportunity something we spend a great deal of time on? Do we dig deep into to their business model? Are we concerned about the product, service or juice of the month? I know this may sound strange to you but the answer is NO! We don’t put a lot of thought into it at all. As long as the executive staff seems qualified and it is a product or service that is for the greater good…we’re good to go.

It all comes down to one thing folks. The Science and Technology that applies to professional online marketing strategies is far more important than the MLM itself. Why is it that online/internet marketing professionals can come into any MLM and be a top 1% producer in a very short period of time? It is so simple! They understand how to deploy advanced state-of-the-art marketing funnels that drive hundreds of laser-targeted leads into any MLM on a weekly basis. This is NOT an automated process. It is a real world fortune 500 professional marketing str17ategy that is proven to generate endless leads. Remember, think College not a get-rich-quick scam. Automation is an abused word in our industry.

I don’t have time to break down the Online Marketing funnel process in this article, but keep this in mind! If you want to succeed today with any business you truly need to have a solid understanding of professional cutting-edge online marketing (digital marketing) strategies. We call this Total Syndication or Total Syndication Marketing.

Many people assume they understand this Science on their own by taking a few hack classes or buying cheap shortcut software. There is always a way to game the systems and cheat your way through life, but we hope you understand that does not scale your business. You will NOT LEARN anything and you will be shut down in a short period of time. Do it right the first time and LEARN the white hat tactics. Have some real vision folks and don’t be shortsighted. There are no shortcuts and if you want to be Self-Contained, and have the ability to market anything under the sun with extreme success in the online world. Learn the real skills and what the art of Total Syndication is all about!

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