It is unfortunate that the reality of “DEATH” is not known in a true sense in our day, and DEATH is commonly assumed to be someone’s “ending”.

Actually, without being an end, DEATH is nothing more than a transition from the physical world to a world beyond the physical! It is just a transformation!

Right after a person’s separation from his physical body through DEATH, his life goes on within a “spirit” — hologramlike body of frequencies— either in the grave or outside.

That is, DEATH is the continuation of life, beginning with the spirit body after the end of life with the physical body.

The Koran that informs the fundamentals of Islam explains “death” as follows:

“Every SOUL will taste DEATH!”

What we call DEATH is the transference into a life at a universe of frequencies within a spirit body after separating from the biological material body.

As the brain ceases to function, the bioelectric energy outspread to the body disconnects and the body loses the electromagnetic force that normally keeps the spirit tied to body. So the human SPIRIT is released to a new life independent from the physical body. Such an event is what is meant by DEATH.

All the activities realized through the brain of a person throughout his lifetime are stored in his spirit, i.e., hologramlike body of frequencies, like the waves of sound and vision. Therefore, the spiritual dimension is directly accessed without any change noticed of life on dying. The person continues his life in a form of SPIRIT the same way as he was within his physical body!

There is one difference however: Although he is still completely alive and conscious (aware) as before, he cannot conduct his physical body any more! Similar to a permanent vegetative state (PVS) patient (the state of being permanent vegetable) [he is alive and aware]! He can observe everything going on outside, can hear and sense them, but he cannot communicate or respond in any way to his physical surroundings in the outside world.

Following is a saying of Mohammed (peace be upon him) about death as the great Islamic Scholar and Sufi Ibrahim Hakki Erzurumi recounts it in his book entitled “Marifatname (Book of Gnosis):”

“The deceased (one who tasted death) knows those who washed his body, who shrouded the corpse, who performed the funeral service for him, who attended his funeral procession, who descended the corpse into the grave and who prompted over his grave! “

“Do not cry out by slapping your cheeks and tearing your clothes beside the deceased for he is tortured by your wailing!” This shows that he will be seeing and feeling troubled of the others’ emotional states.

I want to draw your attention to the following saying of RasulAllah, that will make us clearly comprehend that, even though someone in grave —who has experienced his death,— has lost his tie with his physical body, he will still be living on in an aware and conscious state within his “spirit” and besides he will be hearing the addressing from outside.

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