Ten Tips for Living the Dream
by: Karin Marcus

This is the season of graduations and wise advice extolled by worthy mentors to those just beginning the next chapter of their lives. As I was reading some of the speeches given this year, I stopped to think of the best lessons I have learned about living the dream and realizing one’s potential. Reflecting on the many winding roads of my personal growth and my experience as a Life Coach, I recognized ten key phrases that have been repeatedly helpful whatever the transition being experienced. These wise words have been adapted from various teachers, numerous readings, and many fellow travelers. Here are my top ten tips to become the person you were meant to be. They are meant to be guiding words of wisdom to keep you from losing your way or wasting precious time and effort.

1. Stop should’ing on your self!! So much energy is wasted beating your self up about the past. Three of most disempowering phrases in the English language are “I should have…” I could have…” or “I wished I would have…” Such language keeps you locked in the past. What’s done is done and cannot be undone. All you can do is start in the present and focus on where to go from here.

2. Self care is not selfish; it’s self esteem. The better you care for your self, the better person you will be in every role and relationship that is important to you. Self worth is not an end in itself but is essential to realizing your potential and giving your best.

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3. Start asking yourself the big questions. If you don’t have a vision of where you want to go, how are you going to get there? Spend some quality time reflecting on: Who is the person you want to become? What is the life you want to lead? What is the work you want to do? What is the legacy you want to leave?

4. Stand like a mountain; flow like a river. Be solid in your values and integrity and be fluid in allowing your path to unfold before you. Living true to your core enables you to be guided by your intuition and open to presently unknown possibilities.

5. If it’s not an absolute YES, it’s a NO! Only make choices that add value to your life and move you towards becoming the person you want to be. Don’t settle for anything that is just okay. Don’t waste your valuable time and precious energy on anything you’re not 100% committed too.

6. If not now, when? If you want to life your dream, wake up! Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Any journey begins with a first step. Each step will lead you to the next step. You don’t need to have all the answers before you begin.

7. Get Pissed! Become fully engaged: Physically, Intellectually Spiritually, Socially, Emotionally & with Determination.

8. Always be a student of your own life. Your life is always talking to you, but are you listening? Your body, emotional reactions, and intuitive thoughts are constantly providing you with important information. Be still and listen. Obstacles and challenges are the greatest learning tools available. Remain curious and creative when faced with difficulties.

9. Surround your self with believing mirrors. It is important to have the support of mentors, friends, coaches, and peers who believe in your dreams and recognize your potential. People who will tell you the truth with love and encourage you when you are in doubt.

10. It’s all about the journey. Life is in the journey itself. Your never fully arrive until it is over. You never fully become until your last breathe. So don’t rush through your life. Don’t numb yourself to the present experience. Enjoy the ride!


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