“Master… what is faith?”  Jacob asks curiously.

Faith is knowing and understanding that just as you think, so shall it be.  Knowing that before it has been asked, it is given.  It is also an invisible component required for massive shifts in consciousness.”

“Massive shifts?  What do you mean?”

“Often in life, people understand their immediate, and next steps required to be, do, or have anything in life.  However, there are times where the gap between where you are now, and where you’d like to be is too vast for your mind to grasp.  It is in these moments where desire must combine with faith in order to bring about manifestation.”

“But why is it a necessary component of manifestation?  Why must I have faith in order to bring something to be?”

Faith is essentially trust.  Trust in your own abilities, and the abilities of the universe to provide what you desire.  If… within yourself, you do not believe that manifestation can occur, it will not.”

“But how… how does it work?  Why does it help me?”

“When a desire exists, which is far enough beyond your current state… where the mind cannot comprehend the necessary steps… faith in your overall success is crucial.  Without an overall understanding within yourself that you are capable of success, you will fail.”

“So faith simply shows trust in yourself?”

“Some people define faith as a trust in a ‘higher power’ – but in truth, the faith to move mountains is within you.  Do you believe you can move a mountain?”


“Then you will not move mountains.  So where does your faith lie?”

“I don’t know…”  Jacob sat back down observing the rock bed below them.

“So then you are at a loss as to why you cannot move mountains, and thus your belief in ‘not being able to move mountains’ is reinforced.  Your faith is in your lack of abilities.”

“If you have faith in yourself… and faith that the universe will provide you with opportunities to be successful on your chosen path, and faith again that you can achieve your goals, then you are properly aligned.”

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