“Master, why does it have to be this way?”

“What way?”  The Master responds calmly.

“Why does there have to be suffering in the world?  Why do we hurt each other as we do?”  Jacob looks curiously towards The Master.   The Master sits in his chair resembling the Buddha in posture and presence.

“The world is this way because we chose it to be so.”

“But why?”

“Because the world was created in order for us to appreciate Love.”

“Appreciate love?  Don’t we already appreciate it?”

“Look around, do you see Love as being valued?  More than war?  More than profit?”

“No, I guess not…”

“This world was created simply for us to experience love, while surrounded by it’s opposite.  It is only with this contrast could we possibly appreciate the goodness of love.”

“But are you saying we need to be surrounded by evil to appreciate good?”

“Because in the absence of a thing’s opposite, eventually the experience of that thing becomes boring… becomes routine… becomes ‘the norm.'”

“Even for spirits…?  In the other realms?  Love can become boring?”  Jacob asks.

“Well the experience of love… even love… the most extreme ecstasy would become  mundane if it was all there was to experience.  We would become accustomed to it… used to it… and eventually we would forget that unconditional love is the highest feeling.  So we’ve created the lesser feelings in our reality as a way to forever appreciate love.”

“So we create calamity?  Pain?  Suffering…?  Just so we can simply know what love feels like?”

Jacob looks shocked.

“The truth is love is all there is, but some of it disguises itself as what you may call bad so that good may be experienced throughout all the realms.”

“Wow… I don’t know if I can believe it.”  Jacob mumbled.

“You were given free will to believe as you choose.  But I ask you, do you have a better explanation?”  The Master smiles.

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