Jesus’ Reflections on War
by: Mary Ann Johnston (Channeler)

What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you?
Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?
You desire and do not have; so you kill.
And you covet and cannot obtain; so you fight and wage war.
You do not have, because you do not ask.
You ask and do not receive, because you ask wrongly,
to spend it on your passions.
-James (4: 01-03)

Chapter Five from ‘Messages from Jesus’


Sweet Jesus, is it a sin to kill in war?”

“Thou shalt not kill. War, among other things, is cause and effect, resulting from and in karmic debt. Karmic experiences are destined to happen over and over, unless the chains of karma are broken and love reigns. The commandment ‘Thou shalt not kill,’ along with love, non-violence and forgiveness, would rid the earth of this karma, and world-wide peace would be maintained for generations to come.

“In the meantime, war continues to exist because of mankind’s misuse of free will. If a country or individual feels they must go to war, it has to be done only for the sake of a higher cause such as preserving true freedom and true equality of mankind, and even then, done without malice or seeking vengeance.

“Remember the heroes of nine-eleven. In one of many heroic acts, your countrymen, women and children unhesitatingly diverted a plane and died to save the life of your president and many others. That was unconditional love, in that immediate, present moment, pure and simple.”

My husband, George, and I were overwhelmed with this reminder of that historic day. I am amazed that Jesus would even talk of war and killing the enemy. I always thought He advocated total non-violence. No killing for any reason. George felt that what Jesus said did not alter His opposition to violence.

“Vengeful acts result in like karma. As I said, only through love, non-violence and forgiveness can these sins be karmically eliminated.

“To start with, all weapons of mass destruction in all countries must be contained and destroyed: biological, nuclear, genetic. I’m not talking only about countries that are deemed dangerous. I am talking about all countries. You must stem the tide that could wipe out humanity. There is too much at stake.”

“Do you mean to render a country defenseless!?”

“If all were to live in love, there would be no need to defend. There is presently a momentum of war and terrorism that has to be stopped. Eradicating the means to defend, within all countries and especially those that are threatening the world with terrorism, is the most humane way to end war. If mankind, working together as one under a whole-world order, cannot eliminate war and terrorism, the world as you know it will remain in this cycle forever.

Work for peace and non-violence with all mankind. Pray for world peace in all of your prayers. Human life is precious. True power lies in the power of love, not in weapons.

“Does it make sense that whole nations are killing each other over religion, greed and power? Listen carefully to what I say . . . all religions must be based on love toward all mankind, or they simply are not a religion. Religions that support vengeance, malice, or prejudice are not godly. Countries that give rise to war have war within their boundaries. Countries and religions that break with terror grow in peace. True freedom and true equality are determined according to God‘s law, not the law of fanatic religious leaders or the greedy.”

Sweet Jesus, why would anyone want to become a terrorist? I cannot even imagine doing such a thing.”

“Terrorists are desperate men, women and children from off the street. They are grateful for the companionship and the sustenance, and through conditioning, they readily do and believe what they are told. Some have seen so many acts of violence that they feel they need to fight back, and terrorism, they think, is the only way they can make a difference. Some are simply forced into combat and cannot find the means to escape.

“Terrorism is being fueled by some religious and secular groups still living in the lower dimensions, who believe in a vengeful God. They teach vengeance to the hopeless and lead them to believe that this kind of martyrdom will take them direct to God. This is untruth”In the Old Testament, in Leviticus, God said, ‘You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ I tell you, you must learn to retaliate with love, not malice, even in war. Strive to love unconditionally, in all situations. Fill every present moment with love.”

“Killing is bad enough, but to kill because you think it is the way to God is . . . well, I can’t even think of a word here. It’s beyond my ability to contemplate that possibility.”

“In your occupational therapy career, you studied and worked with developmental progressions, and you have since studied physical, chakra and auric energy. Since you understand developmental progressions, I would like to use those concepts to make some things easier for you to understand.

“Mankind has countless developmental progressions: progressions in the womb, childhood developmental progressions, progressions in body chemistry, progressions for learning, for aging, for emotional and spiritual growth, chakra progressions and many more.

“So too, does this concept apply to group consciousness. Through religious and personal beliefs, terrorists, as a group, are still seeing a God of vengeance, as was often portrayed in the Old Testament by man. Many are still in the lower chakratic-vengeful, survivalistic-dimensions in their spiritual developmental progression.

“There are those born into these lower dimensions who do not learn of a loving God. They may be thirsty, hungry and poor. They may be uneducated. They may see and envy all that you have. They may feel cornered and come out fighting, and have no care for their own lives because they do not have any hope left. They are the ones that are promised salvation through their religions, not God‘s, if they sacrifice their lives as martyrs. They are a threat to the rest of mankind and the environment.

“I was born to give light unto the world and bring mankind out of the lower dimensions toward a loving God. Progress for most has since been easier.”

There were many more questions unasked that this conversation raised. Every time I tried to put the questions into words, none came. Only thoughts scattered into nothingness. It was as if Jesus was scrambling my mind, only allowing questions He was willing to answer. Yet I realized what He shared with me was profound.

After a time, I went on, “What can we do?”

“Terrorism is the result of inequalities and hopelessness, which need to be addressed so that our free will will lead to love and peace. Provide empowerment to all people through education and jobs with living wages. Pray unceasingly for peace and the good of all mankind. Turn it over to God. Meditate daily. Go inward. Love all actions. Thank God, praise God and, above all, TRUST in God and know God is a loving God.”

“Are you saying we should love all actions, even violence?”

“Yes. Love is the only chance for peace and is the best of all weapons. Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven, for He makes the sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. If you love those who love you, what reward have you? Love your enemy, and change will happen.”

“How can we love them?”

“Center yourself in the present moment as you pray. Listen when I say . . . that many disasters have been diverted by sending love and prayer to perceived enemies. Remember, the energy of loving thoughts counteracts evil.

“Countries that are dedicated to the preservation of the right of physical, mental and spiritual growth of all of their citizens radiate love, and good follows. These countries, as group consciousness, have the responsibility of generating this love to others on earth.

“Countries that condone inequality within their borders will continue to have karmic disharmony until change occurs. Pray daily for all leaders, so they keep love and balance uppermost in their minds when considering the difficult responsibilities that they have to deal with.

“Imagine if you will, if whole nations could learn to live in each present moment with love, with all the past forgiven, there would be no war and no terrorism. Ego’s greed for power must be reversed, and world leadership must be given to those who truly want peace and equality. All countries should be separate, and yet part of a whole-world order.”

“One world under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

“Sounds really good, doesn’t it.”

“Sounds so American-one world under God, with liberty and justice for all-but this is the hope of the world. There is so much anti-Americanism in many parts of the world. What can we do about that?”

“It is easy to have a loving God when things are going well for you. It is much harder to find a loving God when you are hungry and starving and watching your children die, while hearing about the wealth of others.

“It is only through the continued love and generosity of America and her citizens that you will win back good will. You must all, individually and as a nation, set a loving example for the rest of the world. Many of you are so overwhelmed by the needs of others that you do nothing. You are wanna-be saviors of the whole world, but your world revolves around you. Remember, I said, ‘Pick a charity, need, or project.’ Start there. It is everyone working together that makes a whole. Put yourself into it, send money, give of your time. Prayer makes a difference, too. If everyone, no matter how young or old, did something, the world would be a better place.

“As more and more of mankind becomes able to live in love, forgiveness and equality with their fellow man, group consciousness will change, and love and peace will endure, and heaven on earth will be evident. No bad karma for man or group consciousness can exist where love, forgiveness and equalities dwell.”

“Is it too late to start over to help educate these people, or feed their hungry, or find jobs for them to earn money? There is so much inequality.”

“It is never too late to start over. Sound education, from early childhood to the elderly, is always good and empowers people to help themselves. Educators will be needed.

“There are some people who do not have any access to food in their vicinity. There are whole areas of starvation and no sanitation or water. Yet, even in these areas, people share what little they have. Often it is the poor who help the poor. The poor are more open to giving and sharing than those who have wealth. Their gifts of sharing with each other are greater because that is all they have. Some poor people give all they have every day of their lives.

“Those who hoard money for selfish purposes and do not share it with the less fortunate are not storing up treasures for heaven, for it is the love of money that is evil. Blessed are those who give to the poor and needy, for they shall not know hunger. You have wanted to give to a charity for children. Do it; share your blessings.”

“Some people don’t believe in giving to charity, thinking their money will not go to the people who need it.”

“There are many charities that are legitimate. One just needs to do a little research and then unconditionally do it. Surrender the money to God. Put it in His hands.

“Many are the miracles that happen in everyday life while humanity administers to the poor and hungry, sick and needy. It is never too late. Life is precious, right down to the last physical breath. When love is given through aid, good comes of it. If you are unable to give money, give of your time to raise money or to work with the needy. If you are unable to give money and are unable to physically help, pray, and send love and light to where it is needed. Intuitively, you know where you are needed and what you can do. Do not be disillusioned by lack of stability, much time will be invested by all to regain stability. I say, do not give up on humanity. Life is precious. It is never too late.”

“Can the war on violence be won?”

“All things are possible, but first, the basic needs of all people have to be addressed, as these inequalities only breed jealousy, anger, and dissatisfaction towards those who have more, and sometimes this leads to terrorism.

“It is most important to get at the core of all issues. Your world is getting smaller and smaller from the fast pace you live. You can jet to the other side of your earth in the same day. Your television gives you immediate international news you would not be aware of without this access. Sometimes distorted-still, this news brings all nations closer and closer to each other.

“Love thy neighbor. Ask what you can do for your neighbor. Learn to live in the present moment at your heart level, and then you can settle problems before they get to be at the mind level. If everyone could practice and learn to do this, soon whole countries could do this.”

“With all of these prayers, love and light, why aren’t terrorists at bay?”

“You must realize things would be much worse without all the prayers and healing.”

Sweet Jesus, is there hope? What about our future?”

“I cannot predict the future; no one can. Predictions constantly change with prayer and love. Do not believe all the predictions that you hear. Only guesses and generalities can be made. Pray for peace. There is always hope. Help comes in many ways. Great assistance is pouring into all the earth. Terror will diminish and wars will end.

“I tell you, do not give up on humanity or yourself. Be willing to aid those less fortunate, in any way you can. Display tenderness toward all who suffer. Develop gentleness and soft answers. Have patience, and above all, an abiding love for those who cross your path.”

“Our nations seem to be existing on a fine line. Our monetary systems are unstable, viruses are unpredictable, and violence still exists. Shouldn’t we, as individuals, start to prepare for survival, in our own homes and communities? We could freeze, can, and store up food. . . .”

Jesus didn’t give me time to finish. Interrupting me, He emphatically said, “It is crucial, at this time, for all people to be strong and positive in their love for their country and to not lose faith. Negativity can only sprout more negativity. Your country is so materialistic that you count on many things, based on your monetary system. That is not the only way. Bartering and co-ops are going to be available for just about anything you might need. Just know that God will provide. I don’t mean you should lie around and expect God to show up and care for you. God will provide you with the means to survive. It might mean a job, or aid, or the ability to be self-sustaining. Do not give up on your country; it has a strong foundation.

“You do not need everything that you think you do. And many of you worry for no reason at all. There are many, many more people living in poor conditions than people who are able to buy food at a store. Many are not so confident that food will show up.

“Prepare as you see fit. When I say this, I don’t say it lightly. And remember, it is also good to store up treasures for heaven by doing good acts and loving everyone.”

“Jesus, speaking of worry, you said, in the beginning of these writings, that people are afraid and times are rough. Can you tell us more about the future? There is so much fear and violence and terrorism. What are we to expect? How can we cope?”

“Like-energy magnetically attracts like-energy. Fear attracts that which you fear most. When personal, group, or national fears build, it creates even further fearful thoughts and actions. Fear stifles the imagination and suppresses ambition. It is only through love, prayer and positive thinking and actions, that many disasters have been diverted, and change occurred for the better.

“It is easy for me to ask of you to have faith in God and expect miracles, to go within and meditate on the wonders of God, and to praise and thank God for all your many blessings. But it is your initiative as individuals-alone or gathered together, living in love-that will make change happen to bring about world peace and heaven on earth.”

“Tell me, Sweet Jesus, where did all of this evil come from in the first place? Some say God created evil.”

“Out of ignorance, mankind uses free will to gain power over each other in corrupt ways, creating evil. In order for humanity to fulfill the universal law of oneness and to transform this precious planet into Heaven on Earth, you must own the fact that it is mankind’s free will that causes evil. Eliminate the inconceivable belief that God created evil.”

“You mean humans are the cause of evil on earth?”

“Evil, as you understand it, is a term for mankind’s desecration of free will in your physical and creative faculties of thought, feeling and action.”

“What about earth changes-earthquakes and so forth?”

“What about them?”

“Well . . . they cause hardship for so many people and so many lives are lost. Is Mother Earth cleansing herself? Is man causing it through evil?”

“As I said before, there are cycles in creation that give strength when what you perceive is doom or evil. All of creation is in cycles, including mankind and Mother Earth. The cycles are constantly cleansing and rebuilding, just like breathing out and breathing in is cleansing for your physical body. It is not evil. It is natural and full of God‘s love. Do you remember, I told you what you perceive as evil is often not what you perceive it to be? If you could remember your divinity, you would see all things with love.”

“How can we remember our divinity?”

“Living in non-judgmental oneness is the beginning of remembering your divinity. There are no distinctions in oneness-only perfection-as all is one. Oppositions and evil vanish. Yogananda will speak to you at length about becoming consciously aware of changeless consciousness (oneness), in your next book.”

“I can’t help but think about the quantum leap from this earth plane consciousness to always living in the oneness of God. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could realize, all the time, that we are one.”

“The majority of mankind defines their selves as separate, instead of unified in reality in the eternal now. As individuals become more attuned to all as one, they will attract more and more individuals to this realization. Remember, like-energy magnetically attracts like-energy.”

“The sun and moon, and good and evil-opposites. . . . Everything seems to have an opposite-a duality, a negative. How can they be one?”

“There is nothing negative or evil about the moon. Opposites do not indicate negativity. Opposites were created for harmonious balance in your perceived world and so that you might experience the sun and the moon, and the good and the evil, and all other dualities until you come to realize that all is one and there is nothing to compare. The lesson is in that realization. On earth there will always be the illusion of opposites by those who are unable to embrace the realization that all things are unified as one.”

“We are taught the energy in the universe is finite-redistribution occurs, but none is made or destroyed. So . . . is this true with good and evil? Light and dark? Love and hate? Is there a finite and unchangeable amount of either? Or, for instance, can more love be created and an equal amount less of hate? Or can either be added or deleted independent of the other? Are we to always count on having love and hate, and the balance will always be love in some areas and hate in other areas of our world, constantly changing back and forth between the two, but the united total never increasing or decreasing?”

“Within the vastness of God there are universes of universes. Do not put limits on God. God is love and is infinite and omnipresent, even unto the ends of the worlds, and love has no opposites nor comparisons.”

“So the possibility of a world filled with love absent of evil exists?”

“Definitely. The world is already filled with love. It is only in your own perceived containment, that you have created and become caught up in what you understand to be good and evil by your comparisons and judgments. Mankind judges one as being better than the other when, in reality, you created the experience of both, making each only possible in the presence of the other.

“New energies are created daily, ever-changing, uncontained, into the infinite. God is limitless. Creation is not in the past. Creation is as in the present as you are, and more limitless than you can even imagine.

“To find the divinity in all things as one, you must go beyond judgment and comparisons, and acknowledge the possibility that all is unified in love as one, even the perceived evil. And, in this spiritual growth, you will catch glimpses into the real world, where only ever-expanding love prevails.

“If you light a candle in the darkness, radiant light shines forth. The darkness becomes one with the light. And when the light goes out, the light becomes one with the darkness. When all of humanity learns to realize and experience all situations in God-consciousness as one, wars will cease and the new Heaven on Earth will be born.”

“Some say evil opposes love . . .”

I couldn’t even get the sentence finished when Jesus emphatically said, “Love has no opposites and no opponents! God is love! Love embraces all, including evil. As I said before, through the desecration of free will in your physical and creative faculties of thought, feeling and action, mankind created perceived evil. God, as love, is ever-present, embracing all as one.

“All realms, heavens and creation abide in oneness with God-of pure love, absent of vengeance. Through your prayers and goodness, this omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God of love may intervene in all matters of unlimited, universal creation.

“Think of it as one world-in which you, God, and all creation exist as one-embracing all of humankind’s misconceptions, delusions, evil tendencies, love and terrorism. When you can see the One, you will experience all as divine love.”

“There is so much mystery . . . dichotomies, dualism, oneness … confusing.”

“If the mysteries of God were explained to all of humanity, they would still want to know ‘WHY?’ Many times answers are given, and still the question ‘WHY?’ is unendingly asked, over and over. One answer is not the right answer for all of humanity, nor for all time. God is limitless and ever-creating. Many things must be left to mystery.”. . . .

The rest of this chapter and many others can be found by reading “Messages from Jesus”. This book is available on our web site, through and other places.

About The Author

Mary Ann Johnston, lecturer, healer, author of “Sustained by Faith” and “Messages from Jesus”, gives talks on spiritual subjects addressed in her writings, for churches and at Song of the Morning retreat in Vanderbilt, Michigan, where she lives with her husband, George.

She has had heart-to-heart dialogue with Jesus since early childhood. Then in 1992, she was made aware of having a healing gift and began integrating it into her occupational therapy work. In 2002, Jesus encouraged her to write books, sharing her experiences and his messages with all people, everywhere.

Her writings arise mainly from spiritual experiences, which include healing self and others, near-death experience, and an awareness of Jesus’ constant presence in her life.

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