Kabbalah has been passed down for centuries as a way to find deeper connections with the universe as well as other people. It focuses on aspiring to a spiritual experience that allows us to find a greater meaning in all of our actions and thoughts. It stands to reason that the more practitioners there are around the world who study and practice Kabbalah, the more connections that can be made between similarly motivated human souls. While this is true, the quality of study by those practicing Kabbalah also makes a difference in terms of the potential connections between souls. Kabbalah helps us connect to other people in our daily lives in so many ways.

  • Kabbalah Teaches Immersion in Worldly Life

Even though Kabbalah places great importance on the afterlife and teaches that the earthly life is unimportant, Kabbalists are expected to fully commit to being the best versions of themselves in this life as long as they can. In light of this, you can find a deeper connection with your work colleagues through Kabbalah by going a step beyond to make sure that you have contributed everything you can to a team effort. This might mean staying late to help a colleague or redirecting praise to a team member who is in need of more encouragement. Your actions in helping out your colleagues are gratifying in themselves.

  • Kabbalah Tells Us Not to Abstain

Other religions often rely on abstinence as a form of discipline and reminder that there is a deeper meaning beyond our earthly desires. However, Kabbalah tells us that we should embrace our desires and not punish ourselves for having them. While this does not necessarily mean that we should engage in destructive behavior, Kabbalah would not tell us that it is a sin to eat chocolate. You may find a deeper connection to your spouse or family members by sharing a meal with great desserts. If you were to abstain from fine dining, then you might miss out on the opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings with those you care about the most in a memorable way.

Keep in mind that Kabbalah teaches us to eat to feel satisfied and not to overindulge. This means that there is nothing wrong with finding pleasure in food, but we should not turn to food as our only means of solace during difficult times.

  • Kabbalah Teaches Us that Even Our Clothes Have Meaning

While getting dressed may seem like a boring daily task, Kabbalah encourages us to find special meaning in this activity. The act of clothing ourselves is an opportunity to express that which is good and right to others. By choosing clothes that are virtuous and useful in preparing us to do good works throughout the day, you can start your day off on the right foot. Clothes are part of the first impression you will make when meeting new people. If your dress is clean and presentable, you are more likely to make an instant connection with someone who may be in need of your talents and abilities.

In addition to our actual clothes, you should also pause and take time while dressing in the morning to reflect on the type of values that you are using to clothe your soul. If you are immersing yourself in love and kindness, you are more likely to reflect those virtues when meeting others. This will help a light shine through you so that you can be a force for good in making connections with other people.



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