Perhaps you have heard quite a tantamount about Reiki and its essentials as an alternative healing then maybe it’s about time you hear of Karuna Reiki training. What is this exactly? Foremost, Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action” or mainly referring to any action taken with the purpose of diminishing the sufferings of others.

Karuna believes in a deeper understanding of c111 (6)ompassion. As commonly understood, compassion may be brought about by the fact that you love the recipient of your compassion hence your action. However, with Karuna, all acts of compassion are driven by the acceptance of the fact that this is the most logical thing to do hence freeing all action from any form of subjectivity or biases. As similarly believed by the Buddhist wisdom, one should heal wounds of other people in the very same way he wants his wounds healed. People who practice Karuna are enlightened people.

Developing Karuna within yourself helps you become more receptive to the healing energy and guidance continually sent out by other enlightened beings and in an unlimited form at that. Karuna Reiki helps you work more closely with other enlightened beings generating a quicker healing since enlightened beings you are able to receive healing may either be physically present or close and even just spiritually present. It is therefore essential to have Reiki training of the Karuna type.

A Karuna Reiki class may be availed by one who has a Reiki Master training since this is in a way the deepening of understanding and healing potential. The Karuna Reiki class has two levels to complete with two attunements, four master symbols and eight treatment symbols to master. The energy of one who has actually mastered such has a more clear-cut feel. It helps you be grounded and at the same time works on the emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki training on Karuna enables you to learn symbols that prepare the recipient for deep healing which is usually useful with past life issues. Also you will be trained to use symbols that heal deeply and may be used to break the negative patterns that insulate us from the truth. Your training may very well restore love and balance in your life. These and more may be well given to you through Karuna Reiki.

Being elevated to a more enlightened level of understanding and healing makes your Reiki mastery more beneficial to you and the people around you whom you are able to touch and heal. Like they say, healing that goes a long way in touching lives should never cease to progress and with Reiki, bringing your self to getting on a Karuna Reiki training and developing a greater sense of healing compassion may be the best way to do so.

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