11041726_726057177491969_2380056000029003458_nHi Anthony, can you tell us a bit about your background and what got you into music?

I wear a few hats in my line of work. Firstly, I am a professional pianist in which led me to music producing and later into the music entrepreneurial world. The discovery of my passion happened at an early age, where my parents were involved in a church band and the music became part of my life. That’s where I started playing drums which took me towards my final instrument, which was the piano. After years of playing and being in my late 20’s, i had to make a decision in my life. A decision of official making my passion a career. So I did what many entrepreneurs do which is create advertisements that didn’t cost me a dime. Already having a reputation in my playing, many people signed up to my piano workshop, and this led my piano workshop towards a high-demand request. So with my expertise in my music, I was able to establish a successful business using my musical abilities and providing services for those in need musically. With years of being a music entrepreneur I’ve networked with other entrepreneurs and met many people that didn’t do what they enjoy. With that, I start to motivate people, which led to speaking at youth centers, non-profits, schools, and small businesses about ‘Doing What You Love.” And that [became] pretty successful.

UntitledWhat spurred you to go into writing as well?

With the motivational speech engagements, many people wanted more than a 45 minute speech. And that’s where I began to write my life experiences and success stories as a young musician leading towards a music entrepreneur. Finalizing into a product called “The Musician,” which became bestseller on Amazon for self-help, motivational, and entrepreneurial.

You’ve gotten into many facets of the industry it seems, from artistry, to production, and much more. What is your primary focus?

My primary focus is to achieve my very best at what I am currently doing. I’ve seen my achievements and milestones become reality by working hard at what I am currently doing, and making the best with it. At the end, this leads me to a bigger opportunity. That’s my primary focus. I don’t think far down the line—I think of the NOW, and let the rest fall into place.

Your work also takes on a Christian view as well, can you tell us a bit about that?

Yes, since I grew up in the Christian church, I have been involved musically with inspirational artists, and I truly believe in the life principles that are in the bible. I believe in never giving up on what God has given you. To stay focus at the task at hand. These principles help me to be better every day and stay focused. Even in my bad days which everyone is entitled to. Overall I can tell you that my success has a lot to do with prayer.

51byYe9F0BL._SS280You’ve been on TV, Radio, and had quite a few performances. What was the most memorable?

My most memorable one was in Univision TV. I walked in to the station and as I was setting up the keyboard I noticed I left the power cable at home. Usually majority of appearances on TV request for you to fake-play while the track is playing. Having the cable hooked up makes it look realistic. But not this time. Everybody has their whiles except me.

What’s next for you, do you plan on scheduling performances or will you work more behind the scenes?

Whats going on in my neck of the woods, is the Salsa Tribute to Gospel Artist Mary Mary which also has a hit reality show called “Mary Mary on Wetv. Should be out in April 2015.

Where can we pick up copies of your books and music?

To get a hold of my book and music you can visit Amazon for both. Search The Musician by Anthony Rodriguez. You can read the reviews and a free sample of the book for your convenience. Also my music “Keys to the Kingdom” Anthony Rodriguez is available for download.


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