Landmark Education

LLC (LE) is a personal training and development company which offers educational programs in approximately 115 locations in more than 20 countries worldwide.[3][6][7][8]

An employee-owned, private company, it has its headquarters in San Francisco, California. Landmark Education delivers its courses primarily to individuals in a group setting.[3] The company’s standard introductory course is The Landmark Forum.

Course content

The Landmark Forum program takes place over the course of a Friday, Saturday, Sunday and a Tuesday Evening. Hours are from 9am to 10pm each of the first three days, and three hours of the evening on the final night.[13] Tuition is about $500 per person[1] in the US. About 150 people take part in each course.[7] Rules are set up at the beginning of the program, such as strongly encouraging participants not to miss any part of the program.[25] Attendees are also urged to be “coachable” and not just be observers during the course.[25][26] The program is arranged as a discussion where the course leader presents certain ideas and the course participants engage in voluntary sharing with the course leader to discuss how those ideas apply to their own life.[13]

Ideas presented, asserted and discussed include the following:

  • There is a big difference between what actually happened in a person’s life and the meaning or interpretation they made up about it[13]
  • People pursue an imaginary someday of satisfaction[7]
  • People have “rackets”, which are “being right about” or giving excuses for one’s own actions[25][26][27]
  • People can “transform” by simply declaring a new way of being instead of trying to change themselves in comparison to the past[7]
  • Course participants are encouraged to call people they know during the course who they are upset with and either forgive the other person or apologize for their own behavior.[7][25][27]
  • The Tuesday evening involves a sales presentation at which course attendees bring other people to learn about and sign up for The Landmark Forum.[7][26][27][edit]

Relationship to religion

Landmark Education makes no claims of a religious nature but the relationship of the training programs to religion is a common theme in reviews of the training. While some reviewers note the lack of religious factors or the compatibility of the training with various religions[28][29][30][31], others consider its programs to possess religious features, to address participants’ spiritual needs, or even to be a form of new religion.[32][33][34][35][36][37][38] Two lawsuits have been filed by individuals asserting that their employers fired them for refusing to attend Landmark Education courses, claiming that their employers were forcing them to attend “religious events”.[39][40] Both lawsuits were dismissed with prejudice.[41][42]


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