The le11ad guitarist is the person, who provides the pep to the music and gives leads to the rest of the band. He can also be a soloist, but the player should have a good understanding of the basic techniques of playing, to be able to perform lead guitar improvisation, which really make the music livelier and nicer to listen.

To be a lead guitarist means that you should have mastered the technique of bends, know very well where you can insert it and also decide how many times to do it. Initially this make take some practice, but as you begin your hand at it, and as you become familiar with the technique of doing it, you will do it quite naturally and don’t need any particular pattern to play. You develop a feel and do it whenever you think it can be inserted.

Similarly, you should also know pull offs. This is also something you should master and be able to do, in a similar way that you do with bend. Here again the mastery of doing it, allows you to have the freedom of deciding when and how you do it. With more and more experience in playing these, you begin to feel more comfortable in following your own pattern of doing it, and making the music sound really peppy.

At the end of the day, it is the lead guitarist who provides the fire to the music, and a good lead guitar improvisation can hold the audience spell bound. As you become a master with the guitar scales, modes and improvisations, you begin to feel freer with all the keys, and begin to play effortlessly and without any form of hesitation, because you realize, that you are creating music in your own way.

The Training itself maybe only for a few weeks, but once you have learnt to play in all scales, the improvisations will keep coming all you life, and in your role as the lead guitarist, you will feel that you have achieved something like in a dream.

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