When you takee the time to learn a foreign language, you want to be able to use what you have learned in a real-life setting. So many people spent semester after semester in school trying to learn a foreign language and only ending up with the ability to read the language but not speak it. When you travel to other countries, certainly it helps to read signs and so forth in a foreign language, but it is far more useful to be able to speak the language, too. When you learn to talk French, you will be able to communicate with the more than 200 million people worldwide who speak French as their first or second language.

Live courses typically do offer training that is designed to help you learn to talk French, but many people are self-conscious and lack the confidence to truly learn in this type of environment. This is why so many people who have taken any kind of foreign language class will tell you that they can read the language but cannot speak it. As an alternative to the live course environment, online lessons provide you with the ability to learn to talk French on the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can practice saying the words and phrases over and over again at home and gain confidence in your skills and mastery of the language. Then, when you apply what you have learned from your courses into a real-life scenario, such as when you are traveling abroad to one of the 29 countries worldwide where French is the official language, you can speak with the locals in their own tongue with confidence.

The ability to speak a foreign language and communicate with other people in their own language is a true benefit. There are many different ways to learn, but often it is of most benefit to learn in a way that inspires confidence in you and in a way that you are most comfortable learning.

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