Lessons Of A Maori Seer
by: Hirini Reedy

We all know that the power of our beliefs shape our lives. They shape what we do and ultimately achieve. Your beliefs are not obvious. Yet they influence what you like and dislike. They make you laugh or cry. They can create heaven and hell on earth. They determine ultimately what you think is possible or impossible.

… adapted from the Maori people of New Zealand.

[… This] story is adapted from a true event that occurred in the Rotorua region, New Zealand in the early 1800s. It concerns a Maori tohunga (seer) and an missionary. The Christian missionary is urging the old Maori tohunga to abandon his old gods and adopt a new god.

Tohunga: You want me to believe in a new god. Abandon my old gods?

Missionary: Yes, all your sins will be forgiven. You will be saved and heaven will be yours.

Tohunga. If this new god is all-powerful then show me the power of this new god?

The missionary opens his Bible and begins to read a passage….

Tohunga interrupts. No, no! Show me the power of your god?

The missionary is a little confused. The Maori tohunga bends down to the ground and picks up a dry withered leaf. He cups it in his hands. Chanting quietly to the sky and earth, he breathes into his cupped hands.

Tohunga. I will now show you the power of my gods.

Opening his hands, Tohunga reveals a fresh green leaf. The missionary turns pale and steps back, clutching his Bible to his chest.

The Missionary crosses himself and quickly leaves saying: Satan, Get behind me.

The power of our beliefs determine how we behave and ultimately what we become. So ask yourself

What are my beliefs about life? What are my beliefs about what is real? What is unreal?

If these questions cause a negative or positive response in your body then you have triggered off a belief somewhere. Find out what are your negative and positive beliefs? How? Identify your negative and positive reactions. Then look underneath to find the parent belief. Feed your positive beliefs. Starve your negative beliefs. And then your reactions and actions will change.

About The Author

Hirini Reedy is a Maori seer and philosopher from New Zealand. A former military officer, martial arts founder and NLP mind coach, he blends ancient wisdom with modern science to create greater results. Visit http://www.maori-secrets.com.

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