by: Nicole Matoushek MPH, PT

Life is a journey, a journey filled with off road stumbles and on road bliss. This journey can feel like it is all uphill for those who are coping with a chronic illness, addictive disease or injury-related condition. But life is a journey.

“He who chooses the beginning of a road, also chooses its destination.”

For every journey, a roadmap is helpful in order to get to the destination timely and see all the sights and do all the activities along the way, which one has planned. Many of us travel or have traveled on our journey of life, without such a road map. We all need direction at some time, although many of us don’t typically ask for directions. But how will you know where you want to go if you do not have a goal or destination in mind? Or if one has a destination, but no road map, one may circle around endlessly, reaching the destination long overdue or even worse never at all. Everyone should have a road map for their journey of life. On this road map, it is important to establish what you really want, who you really want to be, your purpose and how you will travel.

“A man without a plan for the day is lost before he starts.”
-Lewis K. Bendele

Learn and Seek Information

Often times we need a teacher or mentor for some guidance. We all do. Those who are most successful at living the life of their dreams seek information and seek guidance. I recommend everyone do this, life is a marathon, and we are in the process of learning the entire way, we are always evolving. Please visit and for information, free resources and programs to help you live the life you dream.

Goal Setting

A journey requires goals. Think about it, what do you really want? If you do not know, how can you receive it? Once you identify what you really want, write it down and if you have it already; fantastic! If you do not have what you really want, then establish it as a goal. Choose what you really want to be your experience.

Identity Statement

It is really important that we establish who we really want to be. We have an opportunity to be who ever we want. We are the creators of our universe, we become what we think and focus about. So it is really important that you create and think about who you really want to be. Take a few minutes to reflect and think about whom you are today and who you want to be. If it is a match; fantastic! For many of it, it is not a match. It is important to establish objective, detailed and finite goals of what you really want.

Ultimate Purpose Statement:

During our journey, it is important to have an ultimate purpose. A journey is more gratifying and enjoyable, if and when there is an ultimate purpose and a direction or vision. Every business organization knows that when they establish their Mission Statement. If one wanders without direction, one can get distracted and easily led off track. Therefore, having an ultimate purpose statement to guide your journey will keep you on the safest and fastest road to your dreams. In our journey of life, we as humans have three general purposes:

1)To know true happiness and joy. This means our life’s mission is to live our lives to the fullest and to strive to reach our fullest potential.

2)To know that we are all connected, as one God force or energy source. To give back to mankind to advance life.

3)To learn how to co-create our reality with the help of the universe or Higher Power. To learn how to apply the power of positive thinking and guide our thoughts to manifest the experience that we desire.

Rules of Conduct:

With any journey or trip, one must have rules or conduct or laws to abide to determine how one will get there. When one is driving a car, one must follow rules of traffic in order to maintain organization, efficiency and not to do harm to others. When one is performing at the workplace, there are rules of order and discipline. The same rules apply in life. It is important to know what rules of conduct guide you and your direction. You should establish your rules of travel or your rules of conduct. When you are following your set rules, you will know you are living or being who you really are.

Having Faith

No one can tell you when or how or when your goals will be achieved or your journey will be complete; you must leave that up to God or the universe or Higher Power, most people believe in a Higher Power of some sort and by some name. But go into each day believing that you are on your journey of life, become who you want to be, adhere to the rules of conduct and following your road map to your destination. Live one day at a time and live each day to the absolute fullest. Be efficient and complete with your actions. Reward yourself for small accomplishments. That will not only make this process more fun, but will help to keep you positive, hopeful and continuing to practice the process that you are learning in this book. Acquiring hope and acquiring health is a process.

Imagine that you are traveling from Florida to California in the darkness, you know that if you can see the 200 feet in front of your car in your headlights, you will reach your destination. Life is the same principle; it unfolds bit by bit in front of your eyes. Live each beautiful day, knowing that there are many other beautiful days coming your way. With each day unfolding step by step and mile by mile. Live in the moment, let go of the past, and don’t worry about the future. Define your destination and all the sights and experience that you wish to have along your journey and have the faith, everyday, that it will happen for you. Learn how to acquire it!


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