By Louis Zhang

If you are someone who others come to for advice you may want to consider a career in life skills coaching. This is a relatively new field that is showing great growth potential. A life skills coach is someone that is instrumental in helping others change their lives. Many people lack the necessary motivation they need to improve their current situation. Working closely with a life coach can actually completely transform a person’s life and enable them to reach all their personal and business goals.

To work as a guide in this sense you need to have life coach training. The training varies depending on where the individual lives but primarily it consists of studying human behavior. There are distinct behaviors that people indulge in that lead to negative circumstances. Helping others to see that they need to alter those behaviors and instead adopt healthy ones, is really the main focus of this particular type of coaching.

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Many people who do pursue this as a career goal decide to specialize in one area of life coaching. If you are an individual who has excelled in a business sense, than offering professional life coaching may be a good choice for you. Not only do you bring a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in the corporate world to your coaching, but you also will have the additional training needed to help them understand how to best achieve their own personal goals.

Faith can be a powerful motivating factor in people’s lives and therefore deciding to offer spiritual life coaching is often a good choice. This is particularly suitable for someone who has found strength in their own faith. You can certainly help people who have reached a crossroads in their lives by showing them how to use their own beliefs to help guide them to making appropriate choices. You don’t have to choose one particular faith as the cornerstone of your coaching. Instead your approach should be focused on helping every individual to use their own belief system as a foundation to making strong and suitable life decisions.

You obviously need to be incredibly empathetic as well as have insight into how people typically respond to certain situations in order to thrive in this field. You must remain clear minded and feel comfortable with offering some difficult advice to others. In addition, people who take on the job of offering life skills coaching need to be certain that they don’t become too emotionally attached to their clients. This can interfere with their ability to see situations clearly and can also hinder their ability to offer unbiased advice. If you believe you have the skills need to make a difference as a life coach, seriously consider getting the training you need so you can start helping people improve their lives.

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