By Marilyn B. Gordon

There are maps and messages all over you – in the expressions and contours of your face, in the lines and the shape of your hands, in the way you walk and hold yourself, the inflections in your sentences and the tone of your voice – and even in the illnesses you have.Often the messages come to tell you that changes are needed in some aspect of your life. How you talk about your life can profoundly affect your illnesses. Someone said over and over again that he “worked his butt off” – and, lo and behold, a case of hemorrhoids came into his life. Everything had also been to him “a pain the butt.” “That breaks my heart,” is another telling comment. “That makes me sick.” or “I can’t stomach that.” All are examples of the relationship of our language to our body. One person has said that heart disease has been related to suppressed anger. Cancer has been related to grief or resentment. Diabetes has been related to chronic, deep disappointment and longing for an idyllic past. Lower back issues can be associated with beliefs and attitudes about financial support. These interpretations may or may not apply to your particular situations. There are always exceptions to these statements, and the best way to deal with illness is to look deeply at the messages about them given by your own Wise Mind.


What is Going on Behind the Scenes?

Sometimes it’s obvious to you what the messages for your illnesses might be, and it’s important not to blame yourself, but to look deeply at what is going on and to ask probing questions. How did that happen to me? What was I thinking? What has taken place in my life that may have brought this on? What changes is this physical manifestation telling me to make? Do I need to get my bodymind in balance? Are there toxins in my environment or relationships? Am I thinking drastic, disempowering or self-denigrating thoughts? Am I out of touch with my spiritual life?

Our Particular Healing Miracle

Fortunately we have a great healing miracle in the micro-world we live in: hypnotherapy, looking deeply, meditation, and any of the ways we have to deeply transform our issues. We can always ask, “What would my Wise Mind tell me about that?” It might tell you the ancient roots of something that ails you. It might tell you some type of special healing practice that would work for you. It might tell you more empowering ways of thinking and talking. It might tell you how you can revamp your lifestyle to shift the course of events that have taken place in your physical body. This body itself is a miracle with so many complexities, a true open book of brilliant messages that we are being asked to listen to. The more we can go into deeply relaxed states and commune with the powers of the superconscious self, the more we can listen and transform the illnesses of our lives.

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