Common Sense Vs Logical Thinking

Occasionally I have discussions about the difference between the two. Many argue that they have the same meaning but I disagree and I will explain why. In my opinion and from what I have researched and learnt about the two topics are this:

Logical Thinking means = a way to analyze a problem to come up with an answer sometimes using a formal system similar to mathematics (a process) Common Sense = Is a way of taking social understandings and rules, and applying them to a situation In my opinion that explains the difference in the most simplest form and easiest way to understand. Logic is used to reach a conclusion using the most accurate route available to us. Common sense however is not always accurate and can sometimes be based on assumption with no facts. (to ASSUME can make an ASS out of U and ME) Lets look at an example of the two and how they could apply in our every day lives. At the end of every month you go to the cash point machine and find you are always overdrawn. Common sense would tell you that you are spending more than what you are earning. Logical thinking you would do this: Go home and analyze your outgoings and discover exactly where the money is going. You may discover that the bank has been overcharging you every month in which case that statement above that you are spending more than what you are earning is actually incorrect.

Logical thinking is extremely powerful, take that above example. I have done that and logical thinking led me to then shuffle my bills around, get better deals and save a fortune, as well as get my money back from the bank. If I had relied on common sense alone without further investigation or analysis then I would still have been overdrawn every month. If you have problems of any kind take a moment to jot it down on a piece of paper. Break it down, analyze it and look at tackling the problem with a logical mind. You will be surprised how this simple exercise can make a problem so much easier to solve Many people today worry about issues concerning money, health, jobs, retirement, children etc, however many people do little about tackling their problems in a logical manner, when these problems arise emotions kick in and logical thinking is a process which should involve no facts based on emotion.

It has been proven that people who think logically are smarter. They reach more accurate results and conclusions. They are people who reach a conclusion based on facts and accurate analysis. Incorporate some basic logical thinking into your life now. You will have wished you had done so years ago.


Sharon Slater

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