Lord Krishna, to the common man has been a flamboyant lord who had only been romancing with Radha and her friends. But many forget that he was a king, politician, husband, father and friend to Pandavas of the Mahabharta fame, wherein he passed the supreme knowledge of Karma through Arjuna. Rarely he has been portrayed as a king of political mastery and an ace diplomat who knew the nuances of the art too well. In fact, he has been described by the poets mostly as a young man who had been either making her mother Yashoda ( who brought him up, not the biological mother Devki) enchant with his childish and naughty hh behaviour or found romancing with Radha and her friends, with one flute in his hands.

The poets are not to blame as any one would like to enthrall the readers with the lord’s behaviour as a common man who had the similar vices by portraying him in mystically romantic man rather than showcasing him as a hardcore politician or some such sort.

Factually he was much more than what he has been painted for through the ages. Look at the messages which he has given to the humanity by acting on those lines. What he preached, he practiced to well. He was not only a learned man but a true politician, ace diplomat and above all a true human being besides he being the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.

First message was that you have to have total faith in his lordship, be it as Krishna or prophet or Jejus. You have to have not just faith but absolute faith. This has been illustrated by the example of Draupadi’s (wife of Pandavas, Five Brothers) unceremonius, bizarre public display of outraging the modesty of a queen, when Pandavas lost her in gamble treachrously manipulated by Shakuni and Duryodhan. She kept on praying to lord to save her from the ordeal by raising one hand and trying to save herself with another. Lord never came to her rescue till she was overpowered comprehensively by Dushshayan and she was left with no choice but to leave every thing to god. when she shouted, ‘hey Krishna, save me’ by raising both the hands up in total surrender and posing total faith in him, Lord began his supply of clothes which never finished till the tyrant got exhausted and left in a huff.

Second message was total self sacrifice and yet be with the Dharma, the religion. When Duryodhan and Arjuna reached him to seek help prior to Mahabharta war, he was lying in the couch in Yoga-nidra, a yogic posture for sleep. Knowing fully well, being the lord himself, he kept on sleeping till Arjuna came and sat alongside his feats and Duryodhana on the head of the bed. Then he got up and asked the reason for both brothers coming together. When they mentioned the reason, which he knew and decided the side he will be in, he said ‘Arjun has come first as I saw him first and as such being younger in age he had the right to ask first’, which Arjuna did and sought help. He divided himself on one side and his army knoimageswn as Satyaki Sena, to be fighting against each other. Arjuna got the lordship in his favour without the fighting rights and confirmed the victory before the battle could join. Here lord Krishna sacrificed himself as a king, without his army what he was worth of. But he held on to side of Dharma.

Third message was the righteous duty. The Gita is the supreme treaise on the Karma, man has ever produced. The Gita is not a religious book limited to the Hindu devotees but it is the essence of human values and the life thriugh Karma for the entire humanity to practice. Though it was delivered just prior to the Mahabharta war, notwithstanding the mesage remains to be followed ever after its delivery. The message of leading a meaningful life of a human being has been articulated in such a finery yet to be found in any scriptures. The essence of the Gita is to perform the duties to the best of one’s capability and yet do not get attached to the outcome, lest you will be sorry if the result is not as per your expectations. Thus, do your duties dutifully and leave it to THEE! Lord will take care of everything. But one should not derive the message that since you have no justified rights over the results of your deeds or hard work, inaction on on your part is justified. No, you have to continue with your mission no matter what the outcome is going to be, as such that is not in your hand.

Thus, lord Krishna left an indelible mark on the humanity through his life, which he practiced and then preached. May lord bless us the strength and wisdom to perform the righteous duties and yet be free from the expectations of its friuts.

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