Spending Time With Family


family-olahraga-bersamaMost of us would claim that our families are a top priority, but our actions do not prove our words true. The best way to let our family know they are important to us it to spend more quality time with them. Try to make your family a priority ahead of your friends, job, and hobbies.

Remember that your children will only be small for a short amount of time. Once they get to a certain age, especially if you have not spent time with them in the past, the window of opportunity is basically gone. You will not ever be able to have a good relationship with them. So, now is the time to enjoy them, mold them, and build a strong relationship with them.

e_shore_family_500x279You can enjoy simple pleasures as a family. Try to eat one meal together a day. Take a walk after dinner. Set aside one day a week as “family day.” Spend the whole day together, doing whatever you want. Do not let television or the computer come between you and your family. They are so much more important!

Quality is often more important than quantity. So, if your job takes you away from family, do not worry. When you are able to be home, spend your time giving your kids and spouse your full attention. If you can find a job that allows you to be at home more often, then by all means do so. Until then, do the best you can to spend time with family as much as possible.

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