Editors Note: I find change management a fascinating study.  I have spent several years at a large organization and have seen first hand the hurdles which must be overcome for successful change.  Even at times, when you think you’ve addressed all the issues concerning change, as listed below, there are still those who resist.  And I tell you this… from my own experience, if you are unable to affect change in the hearts of those executing, the change WILL NOT STICK.  People must buy into the concept, and adopt it completely, or else they will not see the value of the change, and revert back to old process.  It’s a tricky thing managing change, and it is by no means automatic.  Find champions within your organization within each department, and from there change can be affected at the grassroots level.

Managing Change

business-womanManaging the change project through its operational phase is a difficult job, even in what seems initially to be a simple project. Not only are change projects complex, they also are highly mobile beasts that slither and slide unless you manage them very carefully.

And particularly remember to manage the people:

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