Michael Linenberger’s “Master Your Workday Now! Proven Strategies to Control Chaos, Create Outcomes & Connect Your Work to Who You Really Are” is a good addition to anyone’s productivity resource library. The book provides solutions and strategies to not only take control of your daily work activities, but also to determine just what those activities should be to live YOUR most fulfilling life.

The book is divided into three main parts: Controlling Your Workday Now, Creating Your Workday Now, and Connecting Your Workday Now. Linenberger does a very good job of connecting these parts and illustrating why each part, though different, is very important to the whole. He also provides an introduction that describes his three layers of success (Control, Create, Connect) and offers a short strategy for using the book.

The first part, Controlling Your Workday Now, is for everyone who feels too busy and is on the brink of losing control of their workday. In this part, Linenberger provides strategies to control your work before it controls you. A large part of this strategy involves Linenberger’s method of creating “to do” lists. It’s not the same old “to do” list you may be familiar with. He does provide an interesting twist, and explains why his method is more productive. It involves a Now Tasks List, Opportunity Now list, and for projects that are not right now, an Over the Horizon list. Again, he explains why these list are effective and offers good guidance on their use. He also breaks them down to become even more productive. I definitely learned some things to incorporate into my own daily scheduling and will use some of these ideas. (My personal system is a mix of a number of systems that I’ve personalized) There is also a chapter on e-mail mastery, an area I’m sure many people can use, and I kno111 (7)w I’m going to try his ideas out because e-mail is one area I get very behind with.

Part two focuses on Creating Your Workday Now. Essentially this part of the book is about goal setting. Many people have written on goal setting, but I do think this book has some good ideas and suggestions to help people in this area. If you are new to goal setting, you’ll learn a lot. If you already set goals and have read other books on the topic, you’ll still probably pick up and idea or two that will help you be even more effective. I liked this part of the book, even if some of it only reinforced what I was already doing.

Part Three, Connecting Your Workday Now, was a motivating chapter on vision, purpose, and connecting with yourself and your life’s work. If you have never written a personal mission statement, this book will assist with doing so. If you have, maybe this part of the book will inspire you to review yours and make sure you are working toward that higher purpose. There’s also a very good recommended resources section in the back.

Over all, I really did like this book. I’ve read so many similar books that it wasn’t all new to me, but I still believe Linenberger did a great job of putting this information together and that if people read the book and then apply the strategies and suggestions provided, they will undoubtedly be more productive and have better control of not only their workday, but their life. If you want to control your life, be more productive, and live with a greater purpose, “Master Your Workday Now” will help you get there.

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