Mastering astral projection will enable you to depart from your physical body to visit other planes of existence. This is can be a highly spiritual experience and one which must be thoroughly concentrated on and understood to be achieved. Astral Projection may be spontaneous (such as in an out of body experience) or it can be purposely induced, depending on the situation.

Why should you do it?

Astral Projection is a great concept because you can do it anytime, anywhere for free. It also has a benefit of taking away the fear of death in many people. Once they realize what is on the other side, the idea of death becomes more of a relaxing one than a fearful one.

It may also give you the opportunity to communicate within people from another time or people who have passed away such as relatives and friends. This experience alone is enough for many people to try it at some point in their lives.

You will find that your awareness and understanding of cosmic realities will increase dramatically after you experience astral projection. You will gain a sense of peace and well being as well as discover a purpose to your life. Experience a feeling of tranquility as you begin to understand what else exists out there and that we are not alone in this physical world.

Some astral travelers have even mastered time travel. This is when you travel between different points in your life, including past, the present and the future. This can be an amazing, confronting experience but one that is thoroughly welcomed.

Artist's depiction of the separation stage of ...
Artist’s depiction of the separation stage of an out-of-body experience, which often precedes free movement. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is thought that a spirit comes to take you to the astral plane whilst you sleep. Usually this is for a specific purpose and can be with your consent. It is possible to also meditate your way to astral travel. Make sure you reach a state of deep relaxation and then imagine a rope hanging above you to which you pull yourself up to, imagining you are climbing.

Learning how to leave your physical body will give you an amazing experience and one which you will want to do again and again.

If you are curious to learn the secrets to Mastering Astral Projection, check out this powerful Astral Projection Tool. In my opinion It’s a great aid that will greatly increase your chances to leave your body and experience a new reality.

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