Each of us is a complex system with three levels of consciousness. When we learn how to get each of these focused in the same direction, fantastic manifestations are guaranteed. The process of mastering your reality starts with understanding how these three “minds” work together.

1) Conscious Mind – This is the part of the mind that thinks and creates mental pictures of what we want our life to be. It is essentially a tool, designed to allow us to focus our Infinite Self into a physical body in order to have a life experience on the earth plane.

2) Subconscious Mind – This is the part of the mind that we are not consciously directing. It’s also where we store our beliefs about how friendly or unfriendly the world is, and about how lucky/unlucky or loved/unloved we are. It creates behavior and results according to our internalized beliefs and it does it all on autopilot. It is critical to program it correctly to set up an internal environment to win, then the results we want come automatically.

3) Superconscious Mind – also called the Higher Self or Soul. This is the part of us that is connected to Source Energy, knows the Bigger Picture, and knows why we’re here. It guides our lives through the messages in synchronicities, in gut feelings and intuitions, and in coincidences.

The trick to mastering the three levels of consciousness is to uncover any beliefs we have in our subconscious mind that might be contradicting what we really desire. When we uncover those beliefs that are not serving us, we can change them to reflect who we are choosing to become. Then we’ll see that the intentions we’re setting with our conscious minds are lining up with the beliefs in our subconscious. We then pull it all together by watching for messages from our Superconscious Mind, and take action steps accordingly.

Mastery is a process, and when you learn to master your own reality, watch out for fantastic manifestations!

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Harrison Klein is the principal creator of “The Masters Gathering” and is a Transformational Coach teaching self-mastery and the “I AM” Principles. You can visit Harrison at: http://www.themastersgathering.com

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