NP: Human Induced ‘Apocalypse’ for Mayan Prophecy?

By James W. Astrada

As the end of the year 2012 nears, many have either speculated that there would be a huge possibility of the accuracy of the Mayan prediction coming to fruition.  On the other hand, many including NASA are certain that this is merely a myth and society will resume as it did with Y2K, the Christian rapture myth, and many others who sought to herald the end of the world.  Although the Mayan prediction may be very symbolic, could humans bring about our own end due to our destructive nature?

CERN or the European Organization for Nuclear Research is an international operates the largest particle physics laboratory.  Considered the origin location of the World Wide Web, CERN uses a large quantity of energy for use and experimentation to better understand the workings of the universe and finally reach the definition of the “Standard Model.”  According to sources, CERN may be able to fulfill this task as they plan to run tests until the end of the Mayan end date 12/21/12.    Starting on 12/17/12, CERN will be launching and running a series of collisions, which are predicted to break records in high voltage collisions already set by the LHC (Large Hadron Collider).  Upon the success of these experiments, scientists are hoping to create atomic reactions that would provide further information about anti-matter and the big bang.  With the dangerous nature of performing such experiments, there could be a possibility that CERN could cause chaotic results if something were to malfunction.  Even if the tests were successful, this kind of creative process could alter the known world in ways that humans are unaware of.  Since consensus science theorizes that the Higgs boson is essential in the design of the universe, creating similar atomic reactions like those from the creation of this universe could cause severe negative reactions for our 3rd dimensional plane.

In any case, CERN has made significant discoveries over the lifetime of the organization that has led to the evolution of mankind’s knowledge of the universe.  These discoveries include the long sought Higgs boson earlier this year, a better understanding of neutrino “families” at the LEP (Light Electron-Positron Collider), the creation of antihydrogen and maintaining it for over 15 minutes in an environment, isolating 38 molecules of antihydrogen, and others.  Once the tests are finished, CERN plans on resuming in 2014 using bigger magnets and additions that will be added to the LHC while under maintenance.

Throughout our human history, with discovery of new technology through experiments, there has always been a draw back to the successes achieved.  There is no doubt on how far we are willing to go to achieve feats desired by mankind since the beginning; however, shouldn’t there be a line to draw on the sacrifices we as a race need to make to place ourselves in the same category as the gods?  It is said that our biggest enemy is indeed ourselves and the human race

27 km long CERN LHC tunnel, located 100 metres...
27 km long CERN LHC tunnel, located 100 metres under the ground close to Geneva. Huge superconducting electromagnets will be located here. On the right you see transport wagons. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

will destroy itself.  Could this fact be what the Mayans predicted?  That around this time in human history we would make huge discoveries that would cost us our lives?  Affect other organisms as well? Herald the end of our current perception of life and introduce a new one?  There is no doubt that chaos is needed for a creative process to thrive and bear fruits; however at what cost?

Whatever transpires at CERN shortly will either have no results or some miraculous discovery.  Nevertheless, eventually with the use of high power, atomic collisions and the rapid development of technology, we may cause our own downfall now or in our short future.  Perhaps the Mayan prophecy is a warning to future human societies to tread carefully before attempting to raise consciousness and alter nature.  Perhaps this transpired in Mayan history before, as they mysteriously disappeared 900 years ago from Tikal.  Will history repeat itself?  It seems our own fate is in our hands.


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© Copyright 2012. James Astrada


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