By Rie Busten

Meditation is like restarting a computer system. Scientists say that a single man’s brain is similar to that of a library that can store information. Just like a computer hard drive, one’s brain needs to recharge.

What Is Meditation?

“Meditation” comes from two Latin words: “meditari, ” which means to think, and “mederi, ” which means to heal. “Medha” is its Sanskrit deviation, which means to heal.


Most of us would see meditation as a worship or prayer. However, a meditation means awareness. Whatever you do that involves awareness, it is meditation. Being aware of one’s breathing is an example of meditation.

It is not an exercise or technique, but it is a way of life. It is a state of consciousness where one stops but processes. All activities of the mind are reduced to one.


Meditation allows people to contemplate on their thoughts and feelings, and usually, they develop this calmer perspective. It may not be very productive for some, but the inner peace that one achieves when meditating is invaluable.

What Are Its Benefits?

Meditation does not only improve one’s own physical health but also mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It relaxes the mind and increases one’s focus to things that matter the most to you.

The common benefits include increase in patience, enjoyment of life, and feelings of serenity and building self-confidence. It can also help in dealing with repressed memories and resolving phobias and panic attacks.

How to Do It

Medication requires constant practice. Five minutes a day can be a good start. You don’t have to cross your legs but choose a very comfortable position. Close your eyes and clear your mind of things that you have been thinking lately. This is the hardest part yet that is the challenge: eliminating all intellectual thoughts to give way to tranquility. Once the thoughts are gone, you can now focus on your breathing. Don’t expect to do it perfectly the first time, though.

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