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As a medical anthropologist, Meg Jordan has traveled the world studying how we get sick and how we get well. while she recognizes the usefulness of western medicine, she sees the limits of its “adrenaline based, parts oriented” approach. Her commitment to integrating east and west promises a truly person-based medicine in which the patient is an active participant and the goal is wellness rather than cure. Dr. Meg Jordan’s research reveals: What we can learn about health from other cultures; How a “placebo” can have true healing impact; How to integrate healing practices in your own life; The strong points of specific alternative approaches.

Registered nurse, Ph.D., editor of American Fitness magazine, and radio’s “Global Medicine Hunter,” Meg Jordan recognizes no boundaries in her quest to expand ideas about medicine and health. From wisdom traditions and alternative practice to high-tech pulsed magnetic field (PMF) for wound healing, her only criterion is “does it work?” and “how does it fit an integrated concept of medicine?”

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