By Chandra Alexander

We have spent most of our lives knowing that men and women are different, but somewhere along the way we decided they were not. In the midst of hailing women’s rights, the tables were turned, and we forgot the wonderful variations, the tensions that support and attract, the yin and the yang. In blurring these differences, we have lost the essence of the male/female relationship and interchange, lost the juiciest part.

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It is not a fluke that we are born a man or a woman. The body we have is the one we wear, and we are meant to learn certain things while we inhabit it. Genetically, men and women are different, and the ways they create their lives are gender-specific. Men are hunters. They understand the need to go out into the world and bring back the bacon. As women, we are eternally grateful for the plentiful bounty and reward the man by making a loving and nurturing haven. Deep sleep, good sex, and delicious food make the man happy. These things are as basic as breathing and do not in any way diminish the various nuances of a relationship.

The happier and more contented a man is, the more he loves and cherishes the woman. And the more she feels adored, the more she supports his effort. Seamlessly, she is his rock, the underlying foundation that gives him strength and courage. This symbiotic relationship has perfect equanimity. When we are in tune with our nature, we have a natural rhythm that makes us feel like we have come home. It is both soothing and healing; we are comfortable being who we are and enjoy everything that comes with that.

To respect and honor the body we were given adds a powerful dimension to our lives. When we are truly connected to what it is to be male or female, we routinely pull to us complementary matches that automatically create pleasure and enchantment with the opposite sex. This merging of equal but opposite parts creates a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

The body we take, man or woman, is the layer once removed from the essence. It is as close to the core as it comes, and when we accept that body and all that it means-at that moment, rather than feel trapped-we are set free. Freedom happens when there is congruence, when we feel one with our skin. That’s why men and women are different. They just are. Enjoy it.

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