So our minds CAN be read: Magnetic scanner produces these actual images from inside people’s brains

  • Process reproduces visual images from analysis of blood flow to brain
  • Experts believe it could be used in future to analyse dreams and memories

By Chris Parsons and Rob Waugh

Scientists have created a revolutionary brain imaging process which allows them to ‘see’ moving images inside people’s minds. As the test subjects think of a video, the researchers ‘see’ it on screen.

It’s the most astonishing demonstration of ‘mind reading’ technology ever demonstrated.

The academics from the University of California, Berkeley, managed to decipher brain activity by measuring blood flow through the brain’s visual cortex, and used this information to construct images of what they were ‘thinking’.

They then converted this information into visual patterns after feeding it through a computer, in a process which scientists say ‘opens a window into the movie of our minds’.

As yet, the technology can only recognise and reconstruct movie clips shown to the test subjects before they braved the scanner.
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