Getting Motivated By Centering Your Focus
by: TJ Philpott

As many already know getting motivated to do certain things can be very challenging. This lack of motivation may be due to several reasons any of which serve as an obstacle keeping us from taking action. Since life is NOT a spectator sport and there are things that need to be done it is important that we learn how to get motivated when otherwise lacking the drive or initiative to take action. Often times we can find our best motivation by simply focusing more intently on what we want or need to accomplish.

Here are 7 steps you can use to overcome your lack of motivation by more finely focusing your efforts on a singular goal or objective.

Choose Your Goal

Determine what it is you want and what it is going to take to reach your goal. By doing this you are now focusing your attention on a specified target. With your direction being more clearly defined you can now better coordinate your efforts.

Determine Your Inspiration

Locating your inspiration which is the best motivation you can have for pursuing your goals is simple. What are the benefits you expect to experience upon achieving your objectives? Focusing on what you expect to gain is how to get motivated enough to take the first necessary steps needed to reach your objective.

Reflect on the Benefits

Many goals or objectives take some time before they can be reached and it becomes a challenge to keep your ‘enthusiasm’ to maintain your efforts. By continuously reminding yourself of the reasons you want to reach your objectives you can overcome the occasional lack of motivation you may experience. Your ‘reasons’ will help to sustain your drive!

Announce Your Goal

Share your intentions or goals with others around you and this will benefit you in two ways. Having others ‘remind’ you of what you stated is a form of peer pressure and you know how effective that can be! In addition ‘life sometimes gets in the way’ due to the chaos and fast pace and this can distract you from your objectives. Having others around to ‘inquire’ about your progress towards your goals can serve to help YOU ‘remember’ what you want to achieve and why.

Find Support

Enlist the support of those around you that are like minded. They can be a tremendous source of encouragement and help you through the ‘rough spots’ when your motivation is being tested.

Be Realistic

Understand and accept that there will be set backs but realize the benefits you stand to gain be accomplishing your objectives.

Follow Through to Completion

Learning to accept any set backs as lessons to be learned will help you to continue your efforts until you are successful. Remember you can only fail by not trying or by giving up. If you see that the goals you have set can not be met for whatever reason you have NOT failed but simply learned a valuable lesson.

Sometimes getting motivated to take the first step is the hardest part of accomplishing any task. Quite often the best motivation is in realizing the benefits you stand to gain by reaching your objectives. Learning how to get motivated by focusing your energies on a ‘singular task’ is the best way to start and maintain your efforts till completion. The 7 steps we discussed above help you to more clearly define your goals and benefits while establishing a process that is realistic and manageable. By narrowing your focus you will be able to make better use of your time and efforts while maintaining the drive needed to successfully reach any objectives.


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