The Importance of Moulding the Mind
by: Shirlee Hall

If you are ready to mold your mind in line with the best part of your nature, you will discover that there is no real disparity between worldly life and spiritual aspiration. A practice that has always worked for me is a trained mind that looks behind the appearance world of images and acknowledges that there are hidden facts that may not yet be revealed. To discipline the thinking mind to listen and observe as well as be open to other possibilities usually offers clarity and a greater understanding of what actually is happening all around us. Even though it appears at times that we live in a world of discorder, there is order behind the appearance. The key is to tap into the order, the center, a reality many of us have forgotten. It behooves us to understand that there is a extraordinary plan behind the existance of matter. Accepting an Intelligence behind what we observe will give a greater confidence in the changes that we experience and those that are yet to come. We have a choice to develop the habit of scrutinizing and seeing life from a point of evolving awareness.

It doesn’t help our awareness if we cling to robotic thinking. Imagine how different life would be if we had been taught as children about the Law of Causation and our true role in the creative plan? The cellular memory of the universe is encoded in the cells of the body. We attract Light into our cells when we think and love deeply, take positive action and are consciously connected to an inner wisdom. Everything that appears in life is created by mind. Everything is done by agreement. A right attitude and firm belief will set in motion beneficial forces. The gateway is the mind, which opens the door to illumination, realization, inspiration, intuitive perception and healing. Whether we live as an ordinary human being or a greater version of who we are is up to us.

It is natural to look outside of our own consciousness for solutions. When we begin to take charge and mold the thinking part of the mind, we realize and accept that the faculties and powers needed in order to transform conditions already exist as part of our inner makeup. We need to believe in who we are and trust the inner promptings that will lead us to the right solutions. What works is believing, paying attention to detail and acting on the inner guidance. Isn’t it time that we stop squandering our energy and deliberately honor who we really are? Too much rushing and scattering of energy works against the brain, the body and the soul.

Life force is precious. It would be wise to stop wasting it on non-essential activities or people. It is possible to do without and feel absolutely secure in your decision. If we really desire to mold our thinking mind, it is vital that we drop some of the addictive behavior. Addictive behavior extends far beyond substances. What about relationships or social activities that simply fill time? We can be addicted to anything including psychic experiences. Everyone is mentioning how quickly time is passing. If we are not persistent in a goal that benefits are understanding and growth, how can we create freshness, confidence and peace in our lives. To be at peace, be watchful regarding thoughts, words and activities. When you are ready to make a choice, ask if the choice will benefit your peace and those closest to you.

Persistence is required. Persistence works. To achieve a sense of wholeness, you may wish to consider cultivating the following if you have not already. The suggestions have great value for me. One, focus on a higher ideal. Two, be vigilant and learn to control negative emotions and past conditioning so they will not interfere with your progress. Three, gain wisdom knowledge, which equates to understanding Universal Laws. Four, listen to the intuitive voice within. As the four areas are strengthened, you will be naturally cleansed of prejudice, old grudges, delusion, selfish desires and less apt to hurt your self on any level. As a focused thinker, you have created a mold that you can be at peace with.

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