Almost every employer struggles with the question of how to teach their employees proper time management skills and get them to do more. In an attempt to work around this some result to regular training and motivational sessions with others resulting to reward programs like the employee of the month or year.


Most, however, don’t understand that productivity primarily revolves around how an employee processes different information and their organizational abilities. Compliment the training and rewards, by introducing your staff to digital tools like mobile and desktop applications specifically developed to help promote workplace productivity.


These include applications that help them better organize their daily to-do lists, remain focused, boost interactions with colleagues, note taking apps and enhance their communication both within the company and with clients. The best part is that they can depend on an apps connector to help integrate data from different applications. To help you get started, here are nine productivity apps you should consider as must-haves within your organization.


1. Todoist


Todoist helps your employee plan and organize their daily tasks by way of a to-do list. Ideally, the employee notes down their daily activities accompanied by a timeframe for their start and completion. The app will then keep reminding the user when to start a task and the time frame for the event.


The management team such as supervisors and group leaders can also use the app to remind themselves when to delegate work and to which subordinate. One can also integrate the app with such others as Dropbox and slack to ensure short and long-term or personal and work to-do lists don’t conflict with one another.


2. Google calendar


Google calendar is an extension of everyone’s Gmail account. It allows and helps its users plan for the day, week or month by providing smart suggestions on how to prepare such activities as meetings and task completion.


The user can also invite other people to join the event created thus allowing for office collaborations and sending repeating notifications to the user or group. Your employees no longer have to worry about creating different event lists for personal use as well as team collaborations.


3. Taskful


Taskful is a time management app that helps your employees remain productive while at work by organizing their day into manageable tasks. The user can create events and mark them completed as the day rolls on thus offering the user a sense of accomplishment and keeping them motivated throughout the day.


It also integrates with other work and personal apps to ensure the user scores highly both at work and in their personal lives. The app is also available in different aesthetically appealing colors and will also send the user motivation messages throughout the day to help keep their eyes on the prize.


4. Focus


As the name suggests, Focus seeks to tame disruptions at the workplace and get the employee accomplishing as much as possible in the shortest time possible. The app sets the employee on 25-minute focus sessions during which time they try to get as much accomplished as possible.


The user can then take a short break after every session and a 15-20 minute break after completing every four sessions. It also has a task manager extension that helps the user keep track of all they have accomplished.


5. Mindfulness


Working under pressure can often take a toll on even the most efficient employee. The buildup of anxiety at the workplace doesn’t just make them sluggish, but it also impacts the quality of their work. Given that you won’t always be there to remind them to calm down and breathe, recommend the mindfulness app to them.


The app helps them relax through guided and timed mediation. They also have over 200 sessions ranging from three to thirty minutes. They, in effect, get to remain productive while saving on break time.


6. Quip


Quip works best with teams within the workplace that hope to collaborate and share thoughts easily and in real time. The app lets the users create a team to-do list as well as create and edit documents or spreadsheets, collaborate on tasks, and even message each other in real time. Members of a particular team can, therefore, continue their collaboration on different projects even when miles apart.


7. Slack


Slack is a communication app that promotes teamwork and interactions between teams within the workplace. The app allows for a real-time chat between connected individuals or groups of users where a contributor can send a direct message to another person or the entire group thus cutting down on the need for emails. The team members can also share files in the form of documents, videos and photos drawn from such integrated apps as dropbox or google drive.


8. Newton


Newton app helps your employees better organize their emails and reduce the distractions that they bring. The app maintains read receipts for your emails and sender’s profiles as well as an undo send option. Most importantly, it lets your employees snooze on emails and concentrate on more pressing matters while the Tidy Inbox feature sorts their emails by separating the important, junk and spam emails. Help your employees focus on tasks at hand by minimizing email distraction with the Newton app.


9. Strides


Strides helps your employee keep track of their progress throughout the day. The free app lets users create daily, weekly or monthly projects that they hope to accomplish. Your employees then have to mark against each project completed, and the app will rate your progress.


It also has a smart tracker that hold you accountable to your set targets through constant reminders and charts geared towards cheering the user and keeping them motivated. You can, therefore, consider introducing the app to the easily distracted individuals or team.


Bottom line


You can also consider adopting a holistic approach to workplace productivity and coming up with a set of apps that impact every aspect of the employee’s career. For instance, recommend to them apps that help improve their wellbeing, help better manage their time, prepare daily tasks as well as others that help them minimize distractions or remain calm even when under pressure.


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