This is a website / organization which explores and furthers the Gnostic Studies.  Gnostic Studies are supposedly the “hidden knowledge” which was passed directly from Jesus to his disciples – special teachings in fact, which show how to directly access God, and higher levels of existence.  The theories, or doctrines surrounding Gnosticism suggest that these materials were purposefully left out of the bible, and mainstream studies due to their very empowering nature.  Religions, which many have suspected, have largely been used as a mechanism of control, and not empowerment.  So obviously, editors of content played a key role in shaping the control mechanisms throughout history.

What this group does specifically is offer experiential training courses in subjects such as Astral Travel, Lucid Dreaming, and Accessing Higher Levels of Consciousness.  I have personally taken the Astral Travel course, and highly recommend it.  It is something you should definitely donate your time to, and be serious about… if you want to actually experience the transformation.



Join thousands around the world in their quest for spiritual knowledge. There are articles, some writings of personal experiences and also a few techniques which you can try out, to experience things outside of everyday life.

If you want to explore this knowledge in more depth, check out the free Courses in Astral Travel and Dreams, Self-Discovery, and an Introduction to Gnosis on the Online Classes page, or learn how you can attend the courses in person at a Study Center in Australia, the UK, USA, Canada, or Cyprus.

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