By GS Virk

The art of healthy breathing awakens the latent powers of spiritual healing. Yoga uses the art of healthy breathing to explode and take the spiritual healing powers latent in nature and used as a vehicle to enter into spiritual union with the oneness of God. The art of healthy breathing has been used by spiritual people for many centuries to end the fear and anxiety and the most basic emotions. They were using the art of breathing to health controls on its body, increasing his mental capacity, and develop the spiritual healing power of nature.

He, who eats food natural and live in natural posture and natural life, not need instructions for the art of breathing. Natural breathing comes in many types of animal life.


In this age of computers, humans usually have to take much food unnatural and unbalanced, heavy mental workload, which disrupt the natural fat in the body physical and natural powers of healing in mind. This disrupts the flow of natural breathing in vital organs and sow seeds of many physical illnesses and mental illnesses.

To restore healthy breathing in all the vital organs – lungs, heart, liver, intestine, kidney and brain, the best cure spiritual, is to awaken the latent powers of spiritual healing. It will heal itself of many diseases such as fatness, asthma, hypertension, diabetes, constipation, etc. Whoever takes some breathing exercise regularly, do not seek medical attention.

The strength physical body depends on pumping oxygen in and content of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the system. Normally, the stage of puberty of bodily life is strong, because your lungs are trying to achieve optimal growth of normal breathing.

Healthy breathing is not only energy source of oxygen, but also spiritual healing powers latent in nature. While you are in deep meditation, you breathe spiritual healing powers of the latent nature of the interior in your mind with your conscience. As you breathe in deep meditation, you purify the energy of thought in your mind that causes stress in the thought process in mind.

In situations of deep meditation, body and spirit is purified with the healing powers of spiritual awakening nature. As you witness the condition of your conscious breathing, awareness becomes. Living Spiritual life cares healthy breathing itself. Whoever takes a breathing exercise called yoga regularly, do not seek spiritual guidance.

In this new era, many schools have used this strategy breathing healthy with breathing techniques of many brands in Sanskrit as “Pranayama”. But these techniques of breathing needs to be used under some supervision as has link to your metaphysical in mind.

But I give you some simple breathing exercises tested my self that will guide you to learn the basic art of healthy breathing. You can practice at home. They are designed to maintain normal breathing and healthy that will ensure your fitness in body and spirit. Be regular in practice for life and I assure you the best health in the physical and mental. Both sexes and people of all lifestyles may use these breathing exercises, get to enjoy as well.

(1). Exercise jump with hands above head.
Do it as hard and as deep as possible while keeping your hands above head for five minutes. Do exhale with great force in the mouth during each jump. Let your natural breathe come through the nostrils before the next jump. You will be overwhelmed with large amounts of oxygen in the heart and every pore of blood cells. It will help you maintain optimal breathing and tone your body and continue to improve your physical strength. It burns your fat and calories in the physical body.

(2). Stir your breath with strong and deep emotions.
Sit in your most comfortable posture. Give broad and deep stirring in your breath and leave your emotions for loved everything about 3 minutes. Your expression of emotion may come from deep laughter, weeping, anger, sadness, fear, etc. Choose one or a combination of expressions of emotion in which you are comfortable. This exercise will put oxygen in the cells of the nervous system that produces hormones necessary for proper expression of emotions. It will protect from emotional problems like anxiety and depression, insomnia. Broad and deep breathing agitation in the nervous system will give you hormones necessary for maintaining good health and without expression of anxiety.

(3). Stir your heart and your stomach with a deep breath and clear through both nostrils as you would when sneezing.
Sit in your way of prayer. Do this for five minutes a day minimum and regularly. Do strong and deep breathing with a force so great that your vital organs involving the heart, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc. become the center of breathing. Do this breathing exercise for a minimum of five minutes. It will provide lots of oxygen and physical strength to your vital organs and will continue to protect you against many diseases from vital organs.

(4). Do deep and gentle breathing through nostrils several times.
Do it on your prayer posture. Do it daily for minimum of five minutes or more. While doing this breathing exercise, feel the breath in and out moving in your mind. It will restore healing powers latent spiritual nature in mind. It washes the ills of mind and protects you against many diseases of the mental state.

(5). Observe the singing noise of breathing.
Sit in any comfortable posture. While resting, keep your breathing normal. Obverse the noise of incoming and expiring breathe carefully and with respect. Do this for five minutes every day regularly. Being absorbed in the music of breathing continues to feel your life absolutely with love. It will awaken your healing powers latent spiritual life. Believe me, it is great meditation. You continue in Happiness mental mode, even in a bad physical situation.

The amount of the benefits of breathing exercise above depends on your faith and regularity in its performance. All breathing exercises are safe and you can make it at your home.

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