Spiritual Growth Requires a Reconnection to Spirit
by: Richard Blackstone
When was the last time you consciously thought about the spirit or soul aspect of your beingness? Essential spirituality information requires you to seek this reconnection. Use your spiritual quest to advance your spiritual growth with a conscious and consistent association with your spirit.

As babies, we were born into this world in perfect balance in the mind, body, spirit being that we are. This is what I like to call the “love triangle.” As we grow, develop and define the world, we become less and less influenced by our spirit. Why is that? Because, just like all things in life, what becomes real in our lives is what we put our attention on.

The world we live in at this particular point in our evolution has not put a lot of time and attention on developing our spirit. We are constantly being conditioned to believe that our beingness is to be mostly concerned with our body and our mind.

Some people might say that is not true. They would say, “Look at all the religions and how we are seeking the word of God through our religious teachings.” There is much truth to this argument, but what is being promulgated and what our attention is being put on is the religion itself and not on our innate “spirit.”

The religion becomes the message and not the day-to-day influence of spirit without judgment or labels attached to it by each and every religion, according to its particular doctrine.

So our physical senses continually bring us a message that we identify ourselves as mostly a body and a mind. We put our attention on this never-ending conditioning and become less and less influenced by the spirit side of our beingness.

The love triangle adjusts accordingly and instead of the perfectly balanced mind, body, spirit being that we were when we entered this physical world we begin to view ourselves from a whole different perspective.

We are still a three-part being and we will always be a three-part being. It is just that the “spirit” part of our beingness has not received any attention and is therefore less influential in the decisions and choices we make in our lives.

The result of this neglect of our spirit is the startling revelation of how the love, that is the core of our beingness, also atrophies and is less influential when we lose our spiritual influence.

Wow! This is worth a big Ah-haaaaa. Our love quotient is way down when we lose the influence of our spirit. Somehow, that statement makes total logical sense. Not just physical sense but more importantly nonphysical sense.

The sense that comes from the more subtle aspects of our beingness. The sense that comes to us from the triune relationships in our lives. From the superconscious, conscious and subconscious. From the physical, the nonphysical, and the metaphysical. From the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost. From the mind, body and spirit.

This is the nature of our beingness in the world we live in today. This is “what is so.” It is neither right nor wrong. It is merely “what is so.”

The question we need to ask ourselves is this: “Does this serve me?”

Each of you must go within yourselves and answer that question. Your answer will determine who you choose to be, and from that beingness you will do the things it takes to manifest the beingness that you choose.

Make a conscious choice in this very present moment of now to “be” more spiritual. All it requires is to consciously allow your spirit to be an active participant in your decision making process. Make that choice today and reap the benefits of that choice for the rest of your life.


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